Sony KV32FX68 and digital cable


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Just set up the beast, great tv!
just a few questions i had about it i wonder if someone here could answer.:D

1-I've got digital cable and on the cable box settings ive set it to widescreen, but on the tv it moves from Wide to Smart to 4:3 depending on the channel im on, how do i get it to stick to Wide (smart is good but when the pictures 4:3 the top/bottom edges seem missing a bit)

2-Dynamic sound to me seems the best, does anyone use dolby virtual (i.e. is it meant to be better with films, from what i've noticed nothing beats Dynamic!)

3-What is AV3 output?



1, I set the auto switching to OFF as this lets the tv stay on your selected screen settings, I use zoom or 14:9 mostly.
2, Virtual Dolby sounds ok and seems to give a reasonable "wide" sound but not really surround. I have an AV amp and speakers so the tv speakers seldom get used.
3, The manual is ambiguous to say the least but I think that means you can record from AV1 (if that is the setting you have) through the tv to AV3 while watching a tv broadcast at the same time. Similarly, you can record a tv tuner signal to VHS/DVD while watching another source eg DVD player or digibox etc connected to AV2.

If anyone can correct me if I am wrong, I'd like to know too.

Great TV set , heavy though. It's a pity the rear of the cabinet is cheapy plastic, flexible is an understatement. The Bush 28" I had before was a lot thicker and stronger.


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You got it you can set av3 to out put any other input. AS for the sound dynamic etc., these are only labels you can adjust all of them to suit


Having just got this TV I have not been impressed.

My freeview connection is to AV1. If I set it to be RGB I get a poor noisy picture if I switch to PAL the pic improves greatly.

I have a good quality ariel and am only 15 miles from the transmitter which is in clear view.

Same with the DVD player. If set to RGB very noisy pic again. If I set to video the pic is ok. All cables are good cables e.g. Ixos scart (£60 a go).

I have noticed the red smear moving upwards today when the snooker was on. When I checked the service menu (see the thread for this fix) I do not have the correct menu items thats have been changed on previous sets.

I do get improvement if I change the pic setting to film but we all have noticed the colour looks very washed out on that setting. I have played with the sharpness and brightness settings but with no real improvement.

Anyone else finding this?


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thats a bitch I wouldn't have thought 4 sets would have the same
fault. I've no problem with mine and its not an expensive scart on freeview or dvd. I guess you have tried with the freeview scart removed then the dvd scart removed. also have you a vcr in the loop to av3,Which stb/dvd are you using


All different sets one Panasonic, two Thomson and now one Sony.

I have them coming on Tuesday to have a look. Now the RCA jacks do not work I have just found out.


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If you are using the sony 800stb your not by any chance using both scarts on your vcr? also are the rca jacks the sony tv audio out . If so have you switched the speakers off in the menu if not they won,t output. then you still have to use the tv's volume to control the jacks output.its a pain. fortunately I get my amp input back down the scart

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