Sony KV32FX66 : ???



Any Advice / pointers Welcome......

I've been looking round for a 32" for the last couple of weeks for picture only as I have recently purchased a Sony 880 AMP-DVD.

The Sony 32FX66 seems to be the best picture I've seen, but I'm open to suggestions.

I didn't realise that it has a 'BUSS' problem until I accessed the AV forums site ( what a good site ). Are there any other problems that I should know about ??


Thats the main problem. Rookies had some white clouding at the top of screen but that's uncommon.


keep in mind that (almost) non of todays sony tv's is perfect
i have third fx66 and still is far from perfect tv :( however is much better then two previous tv's :)


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I agree. I've just returned my second FX66 due to poor RGB performance (bad focusing, colour bleed, etc).

I'm going to test a few other Sony models as well as Panasonics in the showrooms on Saturday, armed with an xbox, a test card and am RGB connection!

I may end up going for a Panasonic TX-32PL10...


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I have a 32fx66 and the set is absolutley brilliant I've had it for nearly 3 months and cannot fault it did buzz when i first got it but once i stopped fiddling with the settings (took 6 weeks) the buzz has buzzed off!!!:laugh:

Buy one you won't be dissapointed IMO:smashin:


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Well, I admit that I may be unlucky, what with two sets having *exactly* the same problem.

Suffice to say, many may not be as fussy as I am with regards to the level of quality expected, but I don't think I am being unreasonable to ask for a set that comes to the same standard as a two year old 50Hz 32" Sony!

I ran a series of test cards using the xbox as an RGB source and boy does it show flaws in the FX66! Ghosting & colour bleed? Theres plenty there!

Having said that, I accept that some may get lucky with not having *any* problems with Sony sets, but to be honest I've got better things to do with my life than waiting around my house for the Nth replacement TV to arrive that doesn't have any of the faults associated with the latest generation of Sony TVs:

1, Ghosting & Colour bleed (1st and 2nd replacment set)
2, Buzzing (2nd replacment set)
3, Geometry problems (as others have discovered)
4, Clouding (as others have discovered)

There is simply *no* excuse for this lack of quality control with Sony, or any other major manufacturer with QC problems (Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba etc...)

Which is why I'm going to look at the Loewe range - if this is what I'm going to have to do to ensure real quality and pay a bit more, so be it. Maybe the 'traditional' manufacturers will realise people are still concerned with quality as a factor when buying something the thick end of a grand!


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