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Derek Mitchell

i want to order new TV,Video and Home Theatre system.

Having had Sony for years, i see no reason to change.
I have been looking for 2 months, and am as confused as ever.

My local Sony Centre (Leeds) can do me a KV32FQ75 at £755.00. This is a re-furb with 3 years P+L G'tee. also a DAVS 550 and the basic 720 vcr. Total package price is £1339.

I have not seen many complementary reviews for this set, and also am not sure if the overall package complements itself.
I also have a Sky box to connect up to this lot.

My other choice is a KV32FX66 - whilst brand new, it is also £300 more.

My requirements are basic.
Priority is Picture Quality - of Analogue, vcr and DVD.
Secondly it's sound - hence the DAVS 550

Having not had cause to look at the Home Entertainment market for 14 years, i am open to any make, any style any suggestion.

I would therefore,very much welcome your valued opinions and thoughts as to what you would suggest/recommend.

My overall budget is 1600.

Thanks in anticipation guys,




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I have the 32fx66 and I have not been disapointed don't know much about the fq75 but I have yet to see a good word written about it on these forums.

Derek Mitchell

Thanks for that.
what is the picture quality like with DVD's, also, what have you got connected and how.

Thanks for the time.



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I also have the FX66 and the Quality whilst wathing DVD's is fantastic. Analogue picture is also very good.

One of the reasons i went for the FX66 was the picture quality, You will not be disapointed!!

DVD player is a SONY connected to RGB scart 1.

**Also good quality scart cables do make the picture crisper**

Good luck



Derek Mitchell

Thanks Dal,
i think i will end up with the FX66,
however, the Sony Centre are delivering the FQ75,DAVS 550 and SLV 720 on Thursday.
I ordered these as the FQ's were at such a good price, however, i intend to put it through it's paces and see if it meets my requirements.

The connectivity on the FX66 is that much more suitable with the 2 x RGB and s-video inputs, and i anticipate ending up with that.

Thanks for the response.

Best Wishes to all for 2003



I had two fx66 tvs. both great sets but they had a green patch in the top left of the screen. I then went to the fq75. BIG MISTAKE. It had scrolling bars, focus on the left was out, and it flickered. Loads of others have had these problems too. Sony may have sorted it now though but I dont know.



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Hi Derek

Despite having had lots of negatives points posted about the FQ75, I think you've got a bargain with this set. I would keep it at that price, unless you find any problems that annoy 'you'. It's all well and good for other people to dismiss the set, but it's in your living room after all.

I have the 32DX100, which I've had since about May/June and have been happy with it. I paid about £1370 for it (high st price was £1800). You have an absolute bargain in my oppinion.

You may be disappointed with the Dav system though. It depends on your expectations. If I were you, I would certainly compare it with the Sony receiver/spkr packages before commiting yourself.

Derek Mitchell

Hi Simon,
thankyou for that.
I must admit, for the priceand back-up, i feel that i have to give it a go.

funny you should say that re the DAV system.
I was watching one being (albeit poorly) demonstrated in the local high street retailer, and i was a little disappointed to be honest.

The package i am buying probably demonstrates my lack of knowledge in these things.

Any words of wisdom re the sperates option.

Thanks for your time,




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Originally posted by Derek Mitchell

Any words of wisdom re the sperates option.

1. Sony HTDDW840 kit (includes the 585 amp & spkr pack) (£325)


2. Sony STR DE585 amp (£180) + Sony SAVE 335 spkr pack (£190)

I spent the £40/£50 extra and bought the latter, as the speakers were much better quality/spec compared to those included with the HTDDW840 kit.

Whatever you decide, don't even consider an amp which doesn't provide DPL II decoding.

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