Sony KV32FX65S 100hz - Has the tube blown


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Aug 1, 2000
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Hi all,

This is a post on behalf of my parents who have gone irate that their Sony Tv has seemingly stopped working.

This is what happened.

Whilst watching the TV the TV turned off as if it went into standby mode.

You can then try and press a button to turn it on, it will briefly turn on but then go off again.

Whilst in this standby mode the standby L.E.D will flash 4 times pause and then 4 times again.

The reason I ask whether the tube has blown is because I had a Sony TV that also did something similar to me a while back.

Their tv is only 2 years old so out of warrenty.

Any ideas?

Has the tube blown?



I've done some searching around on the net and found out that 4 blinks of the LED on a Sony TV indicates that:

"No Vert Deflection (V Stop), Screen goes to a single horizontal line then the video signal muted. Check IC1509, Q1505"

So this diagnoses the problem but I do not know how to fix it.

I think it's serious...

Any experts out there?
You are correct that 4 flashes = lack of vertical deflection. The fault could be anything from a dry solder joint (not uncommon on Sony sets) to a faulty chip. It is very unlikely to be the tube.
I suggest you contact an official Sony Service Agent who will be able to sort it for you. It might be worth a call to Sonys customer service dept (08705 111999) with a moan about a 2 year old set needing repairs, they have been known to part or fully cover the repair cost.

Shop had a look at the TV and replaced some resistors and these blew immediately.

They do not know what the problem is so Sony Customer Services will send someone to look at it on Saturday.

We are footing the bill and Sony said that they "might" cover it.

I have been in this situation before with a Sony TV and they would not foot the bill until the diagnosis was that the tube had to be replaced.

I'll keep you all posted. But I think this one will run and run like before when I had to wait 18 months before the TV approached a viewable setup....

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