Sony KV32FQ86

Marcus D

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This set has been working fine, yet suddenly when switched it on one morning I get about 30 seconds of continuous ' clicking ' from the set [ sounds like a pc when it boots and switches between graphics cards !] with the red power light coming on and off - It is like it is being switched off and on - during the ' clicking' phase I can here some audio but have no video. Eventually the set clicks for one final time and them operate quites normally!!! I did have the issue with the set switching off on its own when it was new and had it replaced. Guess what, warranty ends November 2006, set goes breasts-up December 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have checked all connections, checked that no buttoms are stuck down on the remote etc etc etc etc any ideas folks?



Marcus D

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>>>>> UPDATE <<<<<

After the initial problems if you put the set into standby and switch back on all is fine, so it seems that the issue only exists on initial start up!

Also have just checked service menu and the only errors reported are 60 High Power errors !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Possible a software fault - if as you say - you are able to access the service menu, then check the software version

7.44 has an issue with cyclic on - off
up to 11.48 also has various mods.

You will need an authorised service centre to perform the update if this is the case.

If it is only just out I would give Sony a ring - complain very nicely and see if they will authorise a warranty extension

Marcus D

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Thanks for the reply.

I have checked the service menu and found that the software version is AE6BA/Y-NEXT (v11.48).

I have re-checked the error code and it is " E16 High Voltage " (182 occurances of !!!!!!)

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