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SONY KV32FQ70U Aspect ratios

Discussion in 'TVs' started by Tony_Anon, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. Tony_Anon


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    Does anybody else have an issue with aspect ratios with the Sony
    KV32FQ70U? In particular, when selecting 'SMART', true it does fill the screen, but with sky digital it makes the resolution worse!
    Of course it depends on the broadcast signal being transmitted, but surely it would be better to have a 'JUST' mode (e.g. my previous panasonic txpb50c) so that it's always on justified widescreen. With the Sony, 'SMART' seems to make people look rounder and fatter! Maybe I should just accept it and hope more programmes are made in widescreen format!

    P.S. When selecting the BBCi services on their channels, I get out of focus text on either side of the screen with best text focus at the centre. It seems to be the BBC interactive services only.

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