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Sony KV32CS70 & AV1/AV3 DVD inputs always revert to 4:3

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by Paul Cooksley, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Paul Cooksley

    Paul Cooksley
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    Nov 17, 2004
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    Hi there

    I have a Sony KV32CS70 32" CRT television.
    Also a Philips DVDR70 connected to AV1
    A Sony DAV SB100 DVD player/home theatre kit connected to AV3.

    Now, when I switch inputs to either the Sony DVD player connected to AV3 or the Philips DVD recorder on AV1 the screen size automatically resizes to 4:3. If a commercial DVD which is flagged as widescreen is played the picture resizes itself fine to widescreen.

    But on recording made by the Philips machine (which obviously does not flag the disc to say its a widescreen recording) I have to manually resize the picture to 16:9 by the remote control...

    My main question is: Why when turning on either the DVD player or recorder does the screen in question automatically switch to 4:3 on the dvd blank menu screen (the one that just says Sony or whatever) - even with no disc in - 4:3 seems to be the default.

    I have automatic screen size selection on (obviously so tv broadcasts are received correctly through freeview)

    Does anyone else experience this and if so, is there any way the screen size can say be defaulted to widescreen or something when switching to DVD inputs? I Know I can take the auto picure resize off, but of course, this then means manually changing the picture for normal tv widescreen freeview broadcasts...

    I have the DVD recorder/player set correctly in the set up mode on the respective machines themselves (ie 16:9 option selected)

    Any help really appreciated



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