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Sony KV28LS35 v Toshiba 28ZD26P

Discussion in 'TVs' started by Hairy Herman, May 20, 2005.

  1. Hairy Herman

    Hairy Herman

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    Hi guys,
    I have the opportunity to buy either of these second hand. First ill list pro's and cons that work for me :thumbsup:

    Tosh pros
    - Prog Scan (only NTSC - not that much use to me)
    - 100hz
    - 3 scarts (still 1 rgb)
    - Component (even for interlaced pal an improvement afaik)
    - Good picture often reported
    - £200

    Tosh cons
    - Further away to collect/demo
    - Issues reported (as with most CRTs) such as buzzing (i have been assured this is not a prob)
    - Not as elegant as Sony
    - Im running out, but main one is further away

    Sony Pros
    - looks
    - Good picture reported all over
    - MUCH Closer (about 1/2 hour away)
    - Newer (i think)

    Sony Cons
    - 50hz
    - 2 scarts
    - Again, a few issues reported but not as many, and have found many satisfied users
    - ATM £230

    Now, can anyone correct me, tell me one is too expensive or cheap etc, or thoroughly reccommend one over the other having seen both? Or just satisfied owners of either? thanks alot for your time. ANY input will be helpful.

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