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Sony KV28FX68 - the static... oh the static!

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by sidb, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. sidb


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    Had a Sony KV28FX68U for over a month now. It's great, I love it. Until it's been on for over an hour, then I want to run and hide behind the sofa. Seriously annoying static discharge (a la switchoff) between light and dark scenes, but also occasional single discharges between scenes of similar level - doesn't affect picture or sound, it's just an external, round the back of the set thing but it's so intrusive that I can't watch the box, it sets my teeth on edge.

    Had some good advice in another forum, also had an engineer out who said "yeah, you get a lot of static with screens this size" - but I'm just not sure - it's only a 28, by that standard you could use a 36 incher as a Van der Graaf generator. Does noone else suffer this? About to take it back and get a Panasonic, anyone want to talk me out of this course of action? Please?

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