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I've just taken delivery of this set. after tweaking the contrast and brightness, I cannot fault the picture from DVD (via RGB scart2). It is excellent.

However, the picture from my Thompson freeview box (via RGB scart1) is seems pretty poor, with poor definition and an overall blocky and 'digital' looking appearance.
I know my aerial feed is not the best as the analogue picture has always been dodgy, and some of the digital channels (eg sky sports news) are constantly breaking up.
But the digital channels which have been stable, (BBC 1-4) are not that impressive.
The only motion blur I've noticed is on sideways scrolling credits - football is ok

Is there anything on the TV I can tweak ?
what contrast/brightness settings do you recommend?
would a better signal result in a better digital picture?

The Tompsom box is set to RGB, widescreen
I'm using the 'personal' picture settings, 'live' seems awful and 'movie' a bit dull and flat

I have also noticed (particularly in 4:3 mode) that the bottom left of the picture bends in slightly and the top left bends out slightly (just a 3-4cm band in each case). apart from that, the geometry is perfect.

If anyone has any ideas on how to improve the picture, or sort out the geometry I'll be most grateful. - I don't know how to enter the service menu if required.



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I would think most of it is to do with your stb/signal I dont have these problems with the 32/68. I agree the movie setting is poor'live is too fierce for most digital as you can only alter the contrast. What you could try is the sharpness and the auto noise as they may be trying to over correct. I have a full strength /quality signal which is why I think thats part of your problem. Dont know about the geometry but I'm sure there will be someone who can help


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Thanks for the reply,
I think you are right about the poor signal, my aerial wall socket is probably the cuplrit.

I'm starting to think I've got a dud - during certain scenes on DVD and TV, I can see a very faint thin line going across the screen approx 1/3 of the way down and to cap it off, it has just started to buzz - I can hear it from 9' away during quiet passages.

I'm probably just paranoid and looking for these things.

Would be interested if anyone else has had any of these issues and how they resolved them.

Cracking picture through DVD though.

Paul Atreides

I can not say in what way signal strength affects freeview quality as I do not have it, but I would reccomend getting the best you can.

The thin line you can see is a retention wire and is part of Trinitron technology, don't worry about it.

Alot of TV's have a buzzing sound, it is the transformer, and unless very loud it's normal.


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I think youll find on other threads AE wall plates are taboo and some 68's can have a buzz I wouldn't call 9' paranoid I couldn't live with a buzz @ 9''. Make sure its the tv ie unplug everything bar the AE if it is get on to your dealer. If it isn't youll have to do a 1by1 elimination on all your connections good luck

General Skanky

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Buzzing can also be caused by poorly wound scan coils around the neck tube. That can sometimes be cured by applying a hard setting resin to the coils to prevent the vibrations.


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The buzzing seems intermittent, it's fine at the moment. I had a similar problem with my Audiolab amp, when I first bought it, I just put it down to it burning itself in - it went away after 2 days and has been fine ever since.

Just been up in the loft, the aerial seems in pretty poor condition (we've only been in the house a few months and the previous owners had cable TV), I've put new plugs on the connections, fixed the socket and 'bingo', the picture is much better - would still benefit from a new aerial though.

Can a signal be too strong? is it recomended to get a pro in to fit an aerial or can it be done DIY? - I'm tempted to buy a high-gain one.

still no luck with the geometry (bottom left curves slightly in), anyone got any ideas?



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Well, I'm due to get a replacement set today, the buzzing just got on my nerves. It was only apparent after the set had been on for 4-5 hours. - which is why I mainly noticed it at night.

with a bit of luck the geometry will be ok as well.


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Hi, As far as I remember, it is the DT1000,
it has 2 scart outputs (TV + VCR), a set of phono outputs for stereo audio and an RF coax aerial through. - no digital outputs though, do any freeview boxes have these?

The picture problems (blocking etc) were purely down to a poor aerial feed.


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The replacement buzzes, and there is a different but subtle geometry issue which I'd like to fix.

Can anybody tell me whether it is a straight forward task to correct geometry problems on the kv28fx68?
there is slight curvature on the bottom half of the screen - subtitles tend to bow up in the middle slightly.

I don't know how to access the service menu, so if I need to go in there, I would appreciate instructions.



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Engineer came today - said there was nothing wrong with my telly, he could hear a slight buzz but "it was within tolerences and is probably amplified by the corner placement of the set". As for the slight geometry issue, "all CRT TVs will have some geometry issues, only Plasmas and LCDs are perfect"

Well, I'm sorry Mr Comet Engineer, I bow to your superior knowledge.

Where can I get a second opinion?

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