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Sony KV28FX68 Or Philips 28PW9308?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by hunkiemunkey, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. hunkiemunkey

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    Jul 17, 2002
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    Am VERY stuck between 2 TV's. They are:

    Sony KV28FX68 £520


    Philips 28PW9308 £550

    Which do you suggest? The benefit the Philips has over the Sony is Pixel Plus, but is it any good? Some say yes, some don't.

    Anyway any feedback would be appreciated

  2. stejcoolj


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    Someone raised an identical question a while ago on the forum but relating to the 32" models. My reply was:

    I briefly owned the 32" 9308 in the Summer. It was horrible. Any time anything moved on screen there was either noise, smear or digital artifacts on screen. Live sport looked terrible. DVDs were markedly better but shimmering was still an issue, even in the new pixel plus mode, "movie plus".

    I returned the TV within a week and was put off buying any 32" until the cash burning a hole in my pocket became too much. I got the Sony 32FX68 last week. Fantastic. Picture is great, and I haven't noticed any of the flaws that are supposedly prevalent with 100hz sets. DVDs look superb and I cannot fault the picture quality (and I am fussy)

    I've got ntl digital and would recommend the FX68 without hesitation. Make sure that you connect the ntl box with a good quality SCART direct to the TV and make sure you change the ntl settings to an RGB signal. This will ensure the best set up / picture possible.

    Having had both TVs in my front room then I can safely say the Sony wins hands down. In fact, I was so disappointed with the Philips that I've sometimes wondered whether it was faulty (I have seen some favourable reviews about the 9308, but not many).

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