Sony KV24LS35 - Whaddya reckon'?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by JohnnyPanix, Dec 12, 2001.

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    Hey list,

    I'll cut right to the chase. I am going to buy a new tv. I currently live with a cruddy old 14" set. I bought a Apple Mac G4 which came with a DVD-RAM drive, and have been buying DVDs and watching them on it. However, it only has a 17" display (nice as it is) which I'm sure you guys will agree is simply not good enough.

    I'm about to move into a new flat that has a small/medium size living room (whoopee!), and am looking to get a widescreen set, preferably 24".

    I went to the shops to take a look at the picture quality of a few and was frankly appalled on the whole. I'd read great reviews of the Philips 24" 6006 model. But when I took a look the curvature of the screen was monstrous.

    So now I'm thinking of the 24" sony, as their screens seemed by far the best (in my price range). But I just wanted to check and see if anyone knew of any problems with this model, or if anyone could say that they recommended it?

    Only one RGB scart is a bit of a downer, as I am getting a dvd player, and hopw to get digital itv too.

    Wrong forum i know but, does anyone know if you can recieve it in bath? it says "call" next to my BA1 postcode in the book, but they never seem to know.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.

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    Hi, I'm probably in a similar position to yourself.

    I'm wanting a widescreen for a bedroom and therefore it can't be too big. I started out thinking that a 24" would do. I've set a budget of £500 and have spent the last month looking.

    I too considered the 24" WEGA but I think it's way overpriced for a 24" widescreen and therefore I've ruled it out as I couldn't see where the extra £££ was going apart from the SONY name. I also think that's it has huge casing for a 24" too and isn't the prettiest of telly's.

    The Philips 24PW6006 was once top of my list, until I discovered it now comes with a horrible stand, unlike the previos 6005 model listed on the philips website. I don't think there's much choice in the 24" market at all and therefore I've decided to go for a 28" set as I couldn't find a suitable 24".

    I've finally decided on a Panasonic TX28PL1 a TAU flat widescreen, which is the new model to replace the TX28PK3. Empire direct are doing it for £500. It's also a pretty slim 28" too and hopefully should be a great set.

    I've also been told countless times that viewing a 3:4 image on a 24" set isn't that pleasing, being too small so I've opted for a 28" set.


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