Sony KV21LS30 Service menu help!!


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HI all,

I felt a little nostalgic so dusted off the PS1 and hooked up to my 42 inch sammy plasma. As expected, i puked when I saw the awful mess on the screen.

So I dusted off the KV21LS30 in the loft and settled down to some old fashioned CRT action.

However, I dont think I noticed it when I was younger, but the right hand edge of the screen was black, shifted to the left and the top of the image was somewhat warped.

So i searched and eventually got into the service menu for it, and messed around with several settings.

The result is the picture looks worse than when I started :(.

I dont suppose someone out there has this TV, and hasnt messed around with the service menu settings and could post factory defaults?

Cheers for any help/suggestions.


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There are no factory defaults as such for geometry, as these settings are always specific to each TV (taking into account different manufacturing tolerences with components and the like).
Your only real option is to use a test card DVD and retry. Make sure you use a fully wired SCART cable, and set your DVD player to output RGB (at standard PAL 50Hz).


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thanks ive been doing some more reading and youre probably right about the geometry being unit specific. What makes matters worse is that I changed the settings whilst in NTSC mode (jap ps1 game:facepalm:)

Ill give a calibrate dvd a try (thats what you mean by test card dvd?!).

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churkus, did you ever get your 21LS30U sorted out? I have this Sony CRT model, and have made various tweaks to the geometry in the Service Menu, and have sorted out the 16:9 mode 'oversqueeze'. Let me know if you still need any help.

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