Sony KV20WS1U - white glow on top of screen!

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    Hi i've recently aquired a Sony KV20WS1U, but i am not entirley happy with the picture performance. Also a slight sound problem, which i'll mention later.
    The problem is, during dark scenes, there is a white foggy 'floodlight' type effect right at the very top of the screen, slightly towards left of centre. It's as if you have placed a lamp on top of the TV, and are shining it downwards across the screen.

    The effect happens in all zoom modes, and is especially noticeable if you change over to an unused line input such as AV1 e.t.c, or display a black screen. Overall the picture is excellent in brighter scenarios, but only on dark scenery, you can notice it. There are also faint shadowy black lines running through the 'fog' - which probably describes it better. If your turn the brightness or contrast down, the light appears to remain the same! - only dimming slightly. The light also remains constant (does not vary), but obviously dissapears on bright 'daytime' scenes. Could it be a bad capacitor? or maybe some wires are too close together, causing electrons to be focused into one spot?

    I am quite able to replace any electronics components, so you can write in tech language if you wish to reply - i won't be put off!
    The sound problem i mentioned earlier is like a quiet buzz on the front speakers. I checked some repair websites and it's bigger brother (KV28WS2U) has the same fault. Tthe site says to check the earth connection on CN303, so i will do so once i have info on the picture fault - saves having to open the TV up twice! (i'm guessing that the chassis from both TV's are the same or very similar).
    Please let me know if there is anything else to add to the sound problem - could it be something else? The picture is the main concern, but any info on both subjects will be greatly appreciated.

    NST :D

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