Sony KV-X2572U


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I was recently given a sony kv-x2572u TV which i intend to use for my son to play PS2 etc. The person who gave it me suggested there might be a problem, the set worked fine at first but this morning when I came to switch it on all I get is the noise of the set starting no picture and the two led's for A & B on the front of the set flashing one at a time ? Does anyone know if this is repairable ?

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Yes, it is repairable, but not by yourself.

(Unless you are an experienced electronics technician, in which case you wouldn't be asking.)

The real question is: "Is it economically repairable?"

Probably not, given the age of the TV (over 10 years?) and the relatively low price of a new one.

Sorry not to be more encouraging.



It would be worth taking it to a repair agent to get a quote, as a lot of faults can be quite simple to repair.
It might cost £40-70

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