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Sony KV-36HQ100E this is from a german site review

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by get1a2get1a2, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. get1a2get1a2


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    Test: Sony KV-36HQ100E
    27.05.2004 (CR)

    We thank our co-operation partner HIFI AUTOMATIC CONTROLLER for making the hearing areas and the test equipment available

    So that tube television sets remain also further competitive to the strong plasma and LCD competition, all considerable offerers always new technical refinements must be broken in let themselves. Therefore Sony for its since past September one developed WEGA TV top models again picture improvement technology, which was baptized on the name "Black Chili". The Topliner KV-36HQ100 with most modern Hightech picture tube and 88 cm diagonal for 3.000 euro must prove now in our practice test that it represents an enticing, visually strong alternative. Which concerns the connection assembly, nobel the working Sony unfortunately hadert with its fate: None for the receipt of YUV Vollbildsignalen necessary YUV sockets are present. There unfortunately also the four Scartbuchsen do not help. Otherwise the Sony with extensive video EQ and aufwaendiger user surface is very well prepared.

    The KV-36HQ100E presents itself excellently finished. All details are made with care, the provided remote maintenance fulfill the requirements, which the customer places by right in this preisklasse - in contrast to the majority of the IR signal generators, which deliver the competitors as well as their TV devices.

    The high-quality processing also in the detail distinguishes the Sony

    The Sony remote maintenance is manufactured made of metal, the keys is elegantly arranged. Altogether the Sony TV works just as high-quality, as one expects it from 3,000, - - EUR equipment.

    Characteristic of the large Sony TVs is the new "Black Chili" technology for picture improvement. As one can assume on the basis the unusual name already nearly, Black Chili provides also for an improvement of the sharpness - the highly developed system can inferring however still more, than one from the name can and increases on three levels image quality: Regarding the dissolution of detail, the contrast and on the movement sharpness. Special characteristic of all three improvement criteria is the dynamic picture adjustment. Thus not the entire picture is made sharper or increased in the contrast, but the picture improvement becomes only effective, where it is also necessary. So e.g. outlines and details are to be emphasized by objects, without at the same time strengthening also in large surfaces the noise, which would lead to an inhomogenous picture impression. Because the sharpness is improved only in the picture parts, which are important for the perception, there are neither ghost images, white outlines still unnatural shade, summa summarum the picture by probably-proportioned natural sharpness is revalued, instead of affecting the general impression negatively by unpleasant over sharpening effects. Black Chili sharpens the outlines of hauswaenden for example, works on the structures of the trees and leaves the blue sky in such a way, as he is. Flickering ones or with noise interspersed surfaces are avoided thereby, what one can also actually reconstruct in practice. A dynamic contrast correction is likewise for harmonious and naturally working pictures, which are intoxication-free indicated its atmosphere kept and nevertheless with knackigem black, to through-drawn details and. The fact that this empty promises of the marketing department are not only proved our test equipment in the best way with all test runs.

    The picture brightness is controlled likewise dynamically and prevented that annoying bloomings bright of picture parts as for example shining autosheet metals, headlights at night or part-lit up faces with deep shade. Corners and surfaces are corrected separately, so that a night photograph nearly does not appear day bright and only grey on the screen. In addition the KV-36HQ100E offers a refined aperture mask, whose distances from 0.77 mm were reduced to 0.47 mm. The new WEGA technology "Advanced 100 cycles per second digitally Motion" is to recognize moved objects in the picture - for instance the flying football - and calculates new picture positions for it: The ball flies and to the new position is not shifted jerkily, as with some other television. Interesting: Here there is also a film mode analysis, to which television adapts thus to the source material and it recognizes whether film or video material is shown. In addition MPEG2-Blockrau by inserted "MPEG is to be reduced digitally a Noise Reduction". The high-quality 100 cycles per second of technology of the Sony please in practice by the natural and clear representation.

    To this Slot a MEMORY stick can be introduced

    Refined Sony with the new WEGA televisions also the support of the photo rendition. With the inserted MEMORY pictures cannot only stick Slot be indicated now directly on the television, but when desired one can take up Screenshots, which are then stored on the MEMORY stick over the television directly.

    Altogether the KV-36HQ100E offers rich equipment with high-quality picture-improving technologies and by the MEMORY stick plumb bob and the associated Multimedia characteristics also different interesting talents.


    The clay/tone menu of the Sony pleases with practical adjustment possibilities

    The Sony KV-36HQ100E offers an amazingly good, balanced acoustic performance. The right and the left loudspeaker come on 20 Watts of music and 10 Watts of RMS achievement, the inserted low clay/tone loudspeaker contribute additional 30 Watts of music and 15 Watts of RMS achievement. These berauschenden performance data not straight on the paper are sufficient in practice completely, for television films, the news of the day and the favourite series offer the KV-36HQ100E a pleasant, surprisingly sound voluminoesen with moderate volumes.

    With four Scartbuchsen the Sony is well prepared regarding normal connection types. Here the respective wiring:

    AV1-/AV2: Video (FBAS) and RGB

    AV3: Video and s-video, input/output selectable

    AV4: Video and s-video

    At the side is still another further entrance:

    AV5: S-video Hosiden, video Cinch, 2-Kanal-Audio (Cinch), headphone exit

    Here is missing somewhat: Without YUV entrances the connection field is no longer up-to-date. Also the four Scartbuchsen cannot make that

    Practically: The laterally arranged AV5-Anschluss with s-video-wiring and headphone exit

    Of image replication equipment of this preisklasse the picture lover in addition, YUV entrances for the receipt of frame video signals require. Exactly these component entrances are however unfortunately missing with the Sony, which leads to a devaluation.


    Exzellent: The remote maintenance is elegant and clear

    At the operation of the KV-36HQ100E it gives to expose to practically nothing - the excellent remote maintenance is arranged clear and bring along a perfect range. The clear and attractively opened on screen menu do their part to simplify the operation further. Even little experienced users get along with this equipment already after shortest time problem-free. Practically at the side of the television Sony accommodated still another additional AV entrance, to which also the s-video-wiring is not missing.

    First after switching on the disillusionment on: Also with this noble Sony picture geometry is insufficiently adjusted ex factory, a weak point, which adheres also to many competition products. But this is not an apology, because who spends 3,000, - - EUR on a television, it may actually expect that he does not have to dedicate himself still with time and attitude fate to the service menu for the optimization of picture geometry.

    Little convincingly: Picture geometry ex factory leaves to be desired strongly

    So geht's: Well adjusted picture, "in series" with the Yamaha PDM-4210

    Too far left: Picture of our Sony KV-36HQ100E

    Clearly better: The Yamaha PDM-4210

    Connected by Scart RGB with our Denon DVD-A1, the Sony showed a very obliging/pleasing, sharp and high-contrast picture. It offers different picture modes, which show a good effect in practice to the user: Thus the "Film" mode of operation with lowered picture brightness and harmonious contrast is suitable well for the view picture brightness increased by features, the mode of operation "Live" with and more highly drawn up contrast as well as likewise larger image definition is suitable well for the view of concerts, music videos and films also animated. The mode of operation "play" is likewise available and offers one in the comparison to the "film" mode again smaller picture brightness. But the contrast is somewhat more strongly adjusted. Who can make friends itself with none of the image fields pre-programmed by Sony, specify so its individual adjustment can set itself apart with the "Anwender" Bildeinstellmoeglichkeiten and.

    Different picture modes are call ready

    Behind "Picture power" hide themselves to image definition and contrast attitude possibilities for an optimized television picture. With "coolly", "normally" and "warmly" one can adapt the color temperature

    The promises, which were made regarding highly developed picture electronics by Sony, are everything but only hot air: Rather our test equipment knows itself with 2. Part the "mummy", with "Ronin" to set with "master and COMM other" and with "star Wars episode 1" very well in scene. Particularly the excellent representation of dark display spaces provides for large satisfaction at the test team. Even in display spaces, which are certain of different black and grey gradations only, the KV-36HQ100E draws a facet-rich picture with exzellenter detail rendition. These observations made with practical film examples fit also the results with the gray tone test patterns, in which the Sony likewise achieved a maximum performance. Clearly all gradations were to be recognized, this speak for a first-class kontrastumfang. Particularly also a natural, stimmige farbbalance succeeded to the Sony developers. During different other tube TVs and in the special measure of plasma-Schirme e.g. with 2. Part the "mummy" large problems with a akkuraten representation of the brown/red color blendings and them by to high red parts an unnatural dye (with actually neutrally adjusted color reproduction in the menu) have to lend, master the KV-36HQ100E this task outstanding: Very material, too palely, in addition, the television does not provide not unnaturally intensively for a clear, alive picture impression, which convinces also by the high measure of plasticity. As we could observe with all our inspection examples, the aufwaendige movement representation angepriesene of Sony succeeded in practice very well: With outstanding sharpness and nearly without visible nachzieheffekte the KV-36HQ100E gets along also with very fast movements and Kameraschwenks. Outstanding the Sony with this interpretation is suitable also for the excellent visual representation of sport events - the formula 1, which champions League and above all the EM 2004 standing before the door leave to greet. Who sharpens image replication equipment with outstanding movement representation and searches, should place itself fast still, before in Portugal the first ball rolls , a KV-36HQ100E in the living room, to which with its 88 cm picture diagonal also from the dimension of picture area an authentic Flair can mediate.

    Also with "master and COMM other" scores the Sony: With high atmospheric density that represents the nebula clouds on the weltmeeren, without recognizable intoxication samples and with akkurat to drawn, suitable gradations. The Sony lets the inside and also the deck of the imposanten sailing boat revive by an amazingly good detailing - in addition, the distance to plasmaschirmen, which, coupled to a DVD Player with integrated Scaler, 576er PAL material in higher resolution with captivating detail loyalty to represent, clearly, becomes simultaneous exactly here - completely to be silent from the in the meantime amazingly favorable projectors of the a riser class, e.g. the Sanyo PLV-Z2 and the Panasonic PT-AE500. Particularly the two excellent projectors of Panasonic and Sanyo are clearly more favorable from the list price than the noble Sony TV. And there one a video projector for the daily television need not necessarily in enterprise to take would like to buy, can one for the price discrepancy between these projectors and equal the KV-36HQ100E still another economical television completely sufficient for the television everyday life (message, the favourite series) in addition. Even, if one does not consider that the Sony is sold clearly under list price, becomes the balance for it necessarily more favorably, because also Sanyo and Panasonic give it noticeably more favorably, than the UVP of the manufacturer suggests it. An useful plasma display however is still an expensive affair and thus also no direct competition to the Sony. Top devices like the Pioneer 42"tariffplasma PDP-434HDE or the Yamaha 42 tariff plasma PDM-4210 hardly are under 5.000 to get - - EUR and the plasma-Geraete, which compete concerning the price with the Sony, offer an insufficient picture and also no reasonable representation of higher resolutions in many cases only, so that the pendulum could deflect here - one comes with the increased space requirement of a tube TVs, due to the tube and the considerable equipment depth resulting from it, by right - in favor of a highly developed tube television. Betrueblicherweise playful the Sony a part of its so far most obliging/pleasing test result again by the fact that all YUV entrances and thus also all possibilities for progressive signal processing are missing to it - there different competition models offer for example from Panasonic or JVC more.

    Sonys KV-36HQ100E proves in the test impressively that tube devices do not belong yet to the "old iron": To balanced, natural colour, which distinguish straight this TV, a plasma hardly approaches, and also under the "tube colleague" the Sony has to be afraid hardly competition, because the dissolution of detail perfect for CRT equipment and the high plasticity are from high quality. Which concerns the contrast, the large Sony tube TV delivers likewise a ripe achievement: No unpleasant overthrow distortion effect hits, in dark display spaces guarantees the KV-36HQ100E likewise a clean out modelling of fine visual details. Compared with earlier Sony TVs the image definition did not suffer, the whole picture works however less unnaturally over-sharpened than with older models. Sony created thus a nearly optimal compromise between maximum sharpness and an outstanding balance. Also otherwise white the 36 "televisions convince, because with its exzellent processed metal remote maintenance has it an ideal IR COMM other, who against the infrared control switches of the competition, which can in most cases offer an at the most average processing, doing good stands out. Still more pluses collects Sonys remote maintenance by the clear, clear structure, the perfect range and good point of depressing the key. The beautiful on screen menu and the assembly with four Scartbuchsen speak likewise for the Sony TV. But everything is not vain unfortunately sunshine: Momentarily progressive ones Scan suited image replication devices lie fully in the trend. But the noble Sony affords the "luxury" to bring along no YUV entrance - thus the topic direct progressive Scan image processing thereby died. The second Fauxpas of the Sony is completely unsatisfactory factory setting regarding picture geometry and convergence. Even if one can improve with something time, patience and the service menu, it is not fame act to waste ex factory so little care on a correctly stopped picture. That different competitors offer here also not more, is there only a weak comfort. Altogether Sony with the KV-36HQ100E offers a successful television, which represents a good choice despite the missing YUV terminals.

    The above average natural picture speaks in particular for the exzellent processed KV-36HQ100E

    Upper class
    Test 26 May 2004
    Cost-performance ratio
    Natural and clear picture

    High plasticity

    For tube equipment excellent detail loyalty

    4 Scartbuchsen for extensive connection types

    Tidy sound

    High control comfort

    Exzellente remote maintenance

    Very good processing

    No YUV entrances and thus no processing of progressive ones Scan picture signals

    Ex factory insufficiently stopped picture geometry

    Specifications KV-36HQ100E
    Picture: FD Trinitron picture tube in the 16:9 format with 92 cm picture tube diagonal (88 cm visibly), super Fine pitch picture tube,
    Advanced 100 cycles per second digitally Motion, dynamic Pictute control (DQP & DF), vertically Picture Stabilizer (VPS), 3D digital comb filter,
    Automatic intercarrier noise suppressor, MPEG intercarrier noise suppressor against digital noise, Smart/ Zoom/4:3/Wide/14:9 mode

    Clay/tone: 70 W music achievement, Virtual Dolby + BBE sound, automatic volume adjustment

    Control comfort: 2 tuner, dynamic picture & picture/dynamic picture & text, fixed image, NexTView (3.0), 2,000 sides text memories,
    Programmable fall time, automatic program identification and transmitter assortment, car Standby

    MEMORY stick entrance for digital photos (JPEG, MPEG1 as well as Capture function)

    Connections: 4 Scart of ports, 1x (AV In/Out; RGB in), 2x (AV In/Out; S-video in), 1x (AV in; S-video in), terminals at the equipment side with AV entrance (Cinch picture & clay/tone)

    Intelligent remote maintenance

    Dimensions (BxHxT): 1100 x 627 x 622 mm

    Weight: 88 kg

    Optional condition foot: SU-36HQ1

    Noncommittal price recommendation without condition foot: 3.000, - - EUR

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