Sony KV-32FX68 : How good is it



After doing a bit of research have decided to buy the above tv after having a disaster of an experience with a Philips 32PW6517 bought from dixons online for £507
The philips was constantly flashing and flickering as it changed scenes no matter what you watched sky dvd or analogue so its going back tomorrow.
Trying to get the newcastle branch of jl to do a price match on the sony for £735
Just want a tv with a good sharp picture no flickering its not much to ask for in this day and age is it
just wondered what the members experiences of this tv are good or bad
I have read mostly good things on this forum regarding this set. Sorry I don't own one so can't comment.

I'm on the look out for a 32" CRT myself. I had sort of settled on a Loewe Nemos 32" or a Mimo 32" but now I'm not so sure.

I'm looking for exactly the same as you. A good solid TV, no flickering, smearing etc. Unfortunately that seems a lot harder to come by these days than it should be.


I would be interested to see what sort of responses you get as I'm considering the 32FX68 myself.
Excellent TV.

Cant fault it on a DVD and SKY source.

I spent ages look for a new Set and really chuffed with my Sony.

Go get one!!

Had mine for just over a week now. The picture is excellent from all sources (Sky - DVD - Terrestrial). Couple of problems setting up the sound properly (see thread below) but all is well now.

Got it for €999 which is approx £670 :D. Not sure if you'll be able to get them to price match an Irish store.
Renting one at present. Nice set with good picture but it does buzz a bit.
Originally posted by bazzae123
Renting one at present. Nice set with good picture but it does buzz a bit.

Turn you volume up :D
thanks for the advice folks,bit worried about this buzzing problem
as there seems to be a few people on the forum highlighting this.others say they havent noticed.probably buy it though as it seems to be the best available.havent heard from jl yet apart from passing me the local sales dept.probably phone them when dixons refund my card.CHEERS
still havent recieved refund from dixons yet.but seen the sony for sale at techtronics for£709.99 .any body out there had a pricematch with jl quoting techtronics.CHEERS
See the Thomson 32WB643, Panasonic 32PD30 and JVC 32D25 & 32P37 models. Make sure though, that whatever the brand, your new TV will have component inputs.
I have the Thomson 32WB643, which I believe is excellent, so ask me about this model !!

Thinking of getting this Thomson 32WB643 what is it like. Or the Sony KV32FX68

Regards Tulloch
Originally posted by sonynut
still havent recieved refund from dixons yet.but seen the sony for sale at techtronics for£709.99 .any body out there had a pricematch with jl quoting techtronics.CHEERS

JL have just pricematched against Techtronics for a letter from them this morning confirming the £709.99 match.

Checked Techtronics web site and they've actually dropped the price again to £684.45. After phoning JL they've agreed to match the new reduced price.

They will however charge me for delivery as Techtronics charge for this (~£43 iirc). Still a good deal though.
got a call from jl today going to pricematch at £684.45 no delivery charge excellent service from jl very helpful and polite ordered tv there and then.
noticed today techtronics have dropped price again now £678.84.
would like to thank the forum if i'd not stumbled across forum wouldn't have even known about jl pricematch,saved myself a lot of money
just hope its a good tv
got a free sony dvd player as well,hows that for a deal a KV32FX68 sony dvd player 5 year guarantee on tv 2 year on dvd and free delivery all for £684.45 you'd be crazy to buy a tv from anywhere else
Being a bit a total noob can someone please tell me how you go about getting JL to price match the Sony?
Do you phone,write or email?
I wouldnt mind getting that deal Sonynut
I'd be very grateful if you could let me know how you went about it.:)
phoned my local store which is newcastle asked for undersales dept .gave them the details of the techtronics price,said theyd check it out phoned me back and confirmed a pricematch would be offered on the techtronics price.previous to this had checked out jl website all their tvs have a 5yr guarantee this is a permanant thing i think,also noticed they were giving away a sony dvd with this when the shop phoned me asked if the dvd offer was available in the shop not just a web thing they said it was a sony promotion so id get the dvd also
so cheeky phone your local jl and get the ball rolling seems to me to be a helluva deal
Cheers for that Sony:clap:
What do you mean by a "undersales " department?
Gotta get myself one of these.
Do you know if they set the TV up for you or is it delivery only?
Also, what delivery period have they quoted?
undersales are the people who go out and check competitors prices or phone around and check the pricematch details you have given them.
delivery only think they might have a service whereby they set it up but you will pay extra have to ask when you phone cant see anything on the website offering this service though.
ordered mine saturday getting delivered wednesday think it depends when they deliver in your area if your not local
Costco are doing the 32" model for £822 with a (3 year warrenty which it standard to all tv's).

is this a good price??

im thinking of returning it 2.10 years down the line and getting a plasma when they become cheaper. cotco are lax when it comes to returns.
Cheaper at Peter Jones or John Lewis. I think it is £770 with a free Sony DVD player.

Maybe you are better off with Costco if you want to return it after a couple of years though.
I am thinking to buyt the Thomson 32WB642S that support progressive scan with component input.

Does the Sony KV-32FX68 support progressive scan?

Does it have component input?

can you get JL to pricematch on their website?
dont think they'll pricematch on their website you need to either phone or email your local store
im looking to get JL to pricematch techtronics for the fx68, do techtronics have a store as i dont think my JL will pricematch a website (also can you give me some advise on how you slowly bought in the dvd offer as i'll try that as well!! e.g. was it after theyd cofimred the price match etc)
techtronics do have a store so jl will pricematch
i actually got the pricematch then noticed the dvd offer so phoned them back to see if they would give me the free dvd after a bit of umming and arring they agreed to give me the dvd
the offer is still on so just mention it when they phone you back to confirm pricematch.
techtronics price now £668.99

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