sony kv-32fx68 constant faint horizontal line


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I've just set up my new 32fx68 and noticed something I did not notice when auditioning in the store.
Its a faint, but constant and annoying line (approx 1cm high), running accross the middle of the screen when watching terrestrial channels.
This line moves to down to about 1/4 the way up the screen when watching ecternal programmes via the AV sockets.

Is it faulty? Is there a service menu tweak to get rid of it?


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Just checked a few things and noticed it does not do this with NTSC material.

I connected up my Denon DVD-A1 running a Region 1 DVD.
By switching the Denon's output between NTSC & Pal, I can make the line appear / disappear.

Also, on some PAL sources the line stays in the same position, but on others it slowly creeps up the screen.


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here's a picture of the problem.


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Relax, I think I fixed it.

I had a DECT phone base station situated near the screen, which when I unplugged it the problem appeared to go away.
Looks like it was interfering with the TV.
Hope its not just a coincidence.

With the fault gone (hopefully permanently) I must say the pictures from this TV with the noise reduction turned off, are brilliant.
I've improved the overscan and geometry in the service menu, and I now have a perfect picture.


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Well, I hadn't fixed it after all.
The problem came back and I identified more problems..

Only 1 of the 2 RGB scart sockets work.
S-Video to AV-3 works fine, and RGB to AV2 works ok too.
But RGB to AV-1 brings in a totally red picture... and I've checked and doubled checked all my cables, settings and connections.

The other thing I hadn't noticed was that 4:3 mode doesn't work. Wide works really well (except for the intermittent line) but it appears I got a lemon.

Here's the really bad news though.
I won't name the retailer for risk of getting in trouble, but the after sales service has been shocking, and I'm worried.
I reported the fault mid week, and was told they'd do a 'collection and delivery' on Saturday (today).
Well, I phoned 3 times today to ensure it was coming and was told not to worry. But at 5.00pm I phoned again and was told it wasn't coming and there was no record of any fault report.
After waiting in all day I was fuming!!

Then I was asked to describe the faults again, and was told it was not faulty, just set up wrong!
They want to send an engineer out to look at it, and don't seem willing to replace it.

Aren't I within my rights to demand a new set (I've still only had it 7 days)?

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