Sony KV-32FX66 vs Tosh 32ZD26



About to buy one of the above sets and had a few questions.

Tosh has component sockets. Does this make much difference over RGB? i.e. is it clearly noticable?

A few posts have mentioned a buzzing noise on the Sony. Anyone experience this? If so how bad is it?

Anyone have any general feedback on either of these sets? I have a 28 inch Sony WS and have had many years of great use out of it so am tempted by the sony but the tosh did get what hi-fi's tv of the year!


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I Have the Sony and I am very pleased with it looks good sounds good, great picture ................yes mine does buzz but you need to reach over the tv and put your lughole to the back of it to notice it.......... very minor problem and only going to iritate you if you regulary put your ear behind your tv!:p


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Tosh has component sockets. Does this make much difference over RGB?
Yes it does. Component is the purest signal from a DVD to a display device (the pictures are actually stored in component form on the DVD itself, not in RGB). The picture should deiver greater detail, colour fidelity, focus and sharpness.

i.e. is it clearly noticable?
Depends on the picture tube and your eyesight! I'd say, on a 36" screen and above, yes it would be clearly noticeable. On a 32 set, especially comparing ones from two different brands, perhaps not. There will always be an improvement, in my view, in going component over RGB, but most people don't look for subtle differences such as fine detail, 'natural' colour and containment, they just want to watch the movie (which is the whole idea in the first place) so most people won't see a HUGE difference. But if you look for it, you'll see it.

but the tosh did get what hi-fi's tv of the year!
Who cares, really, Matt! Personally, I think the Toshiba is a better set than the Sony, but magazine reviewers have got it wrong in the past - always try to check them out for yourself, and read the posts on these forums - they're INVALUABLE as they give you the real deal on the electronics (warts and all) out there. Reviewers notoriously overlook features, gloss over faults (or not notice/mention them at all!), hype up beneifts, mis-quote specs, and most aggregiously, award advertisers with glowing reviews! Take 'em with a pinch of salt.:cool:



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