sony kv-32fx66 - davs550. Need help!




I have to apologize first, but I'm so new here that I don't understand everything about connectiing dvd's to tv's.
I have a konkrete case: I'll buy sony dav-s550 and kv-32fx66. The question is: which is the best way to hook it up? I would hook it up with scart RGB, but dav-s550 has no scart! It has component out, composite, s-video but no scart rgb. you can see it here:

The kv-32fx66 TV has 3 scarts (2 of them RGB), s-video and composite AV in.

and for the tv :

Please show me and tell me what kind of connection will give me the best result. Maybe I'm a bit dumm but can you give me a link to some good connector or scheme...

thanx in advance and sory once more on posting another thread with similar theme like many others...

I am maximus

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If the davs550 is multi region an s-video to scart is the best quality of picture available ,the progressive scan/componant are very good but none applicable in your circumstances.There is a problem however some Sony models have the ntsc playback via a s-video disabled in the service menu i.e KV32fq75 so this will cause you a garbled picture or posssible black and white.Scart three on the Sony is a s-video input ,scarts 1,2 are for rgb signals really.I hope this helps I am maximus


thanx maximus
I hope that it will help.

It's not multiregion, and I'm wondering - how can I use RGB Scart, and can I use it at all?
As I understand component signal is the best, closely followed by RGB. Since kv-32fx66 has no component imputs I was hoping to use RGB. Can I?
And can I conwert component to Scart RGB?

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