Sony KV-32FX20U - OSD help needed




My Sony KV-32FX20U -( 5 years old) intermittently displays- green channel information, ie: SKY, AV 1, wide, and sometimes the LED (red) blinks approx-5 times.
We have tried usual stuff- ie; power down, removing batteries from hand sets,

Can anyone please help -any ideas how to rectify this problem.?

Mike and Jean.

Timmy C

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This may sound a bit obvious but have you checked there's no buttons stuck any remotes? This would at least explain the flashing LED.


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A Flashing LED normally is a sign of showing a fault status of which you seem to have.

It sounds like one of the electron guns are failing possibly from a dry joint.

Apart from taking the back off the Tv and looking at the gun tube and getting a soldering iron out to solder any suspect looking joints I can't offer any more advice. If this is more than you feel capable of I'd leave well alone. Maybe wait for some more advice but I suspect it will be some form of electronic fault.

You could phone Sony technical support for advice on 0870-2413624



That's great info....

Sorry about the delay in replying...we have been away for a couple of days.


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