Sony KV-32FQ75 vs KV-32FQ80 ???



Who can tell me what the differents are between the Sony KV-32FQ75 and the KV-32FQ80 ?

When you look to the technical specifications there are no big differents about the old and new FQ model.
Only the FQ80 has a memory stick lock, a nice feature but not an important thing.

I have to make a choice between the FQ75 and the FQ80.

When the quality is the same I prefer the FQ75 !
It's personal, but the design of the FQ75 is great and has a beautifull color. More State of the Art !!!

The FQ80 is more a basic TV model, like all other televisions.

Here in Amsterdam there is one store who has the FQ75 in stock; all others are sold out. I have to decide fast.

Who can advise me ?



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Humn depends if your ok with spending the little extra money...I would.

FQ75 known for its issues - check other threads - but cheap.

FQ80 has 4 SCARTS/2 RGB, vertical stabilization etc.

I've had a FQ75 and prefer the FQ80...but it just depends if you have the money.



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the 75 is discontinued and also has known problems (SB, blah blah)

the FQ80 is brilliant however.
I reckon if you find it cheap than order one!

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