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Sony KV-32/36HQ100. Yet another problem??

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by ultravsar, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. ultravsar

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    Jul 4, 2004
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    Hi everyone.
    I have recently purchased a Sony KV-32HQ100. Honestly this TV's picture/sound quality is superior.
    But as far as I experienced, my set have also the common problems below described:

    1) Advanced 100Hz Digital Motion problem
    Problem: This is a new technology and the filter causes some problems mentioned earlier in this forum.
    Solution:There is "no" solution but you can switch to 100Hz Digital Plus mode via TV menu and/or service menu.
    2) Lip sync problem
    Problem: Today this is a common problem within TV sets where the TVs try to correct the picture quality with some digital correction techniques. Therefore there is a echo and/or delay problem between the picture/sound via "A/V receiver".
    Solution: The "new" DVD players or A/V Receivers have "delay management" feature. So get one of them. :D
    3) Memory stick problem:
    Problem: As far as I know that there isn't any message in this forum (or related threads) where it's described that this TV model is "incompatible" with "Memory Stick Pro".
    Solution: This TV is definitely "incompatible" with Memory Stick Pro. Get a memory stick instead.
    4) Electro Shock risk problem:
    Problem: Regarding to Sony there is an electro shock risk with this set.
    Solution: Call Sony. (Or they will call you) They'll come to your home and fix the problem with some plastic components in 30 mins.

    And finally a new problem (?) I've experienced: :rolleyes:

    Whenever you watch a widescreen movie with a aspect of 2.35:1 (There are still black bars above and below the movie) I saw 2 horizontal transparent lines just at the borders of these black bars.
    (If you watch a different aspect widescreen movie (e.g: 1.85:1) and/or you zoom the picture you don't experience this problem)

    The lines are like trinitron tube lines but they are transparent!.
    So when you watch a movie, the image behind these lines are noticeable and uncomfortable.

    Is it because of Super fine pitch tube?

    Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
    Thanx a lot.

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