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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by bodcod, Jul 4, 2004.

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    I have a 3 month old sony kv-24s and have recently noticed a few (issues) with the picture, which has been seen by a egineer (from a maijor retail outlet)and said the set was (within tolerance) :mad: and he culd not do anything to fix it,

    I have 3 issues/fauts with this set as follows:

    1.A bump in the middle of the screen

    2.The picture is less focused at athe edge of the picture about 1 inch in on both side of the picture

    3.The geomatry on wide mode when playing region 1 movies.

    To explain the first prob when text scrolls across the sreen it seems to ride over a bump in the middle of the screen, this also happens when something pans across the screen and can be very annoying. Once i noticed this it's hard to ignore.

    The second prob is the focus of the screen as the first inch or so form the edge of the picture is blurred/more out of focus than the middle, this is apparent on both side of the picture. It is seen on text on the news channels baners at the bottom of the screen, it hapens on all picture formats and inputs.

    The 3d prob is the truly aful geomatry when playng a region 1 dvd on any scart input. the first inch of the top of the screen looks like the letter s it is that badley distorted.
    As far as i can see this is a geomatry prob and should be cured via a service menu. It is so bad that i can not watch and 16:9 ratio region 1 dvd's.

    As mentiond at the top of this thread yesterday i had a "engineer" come out to check the set and saw for himself the bad geomatry on the set when playing a region 1 dvd. He said that the tv was desighned to work on 50htz and therfore he could not do anything.

    He was equally dismissiveabut the other 2 faults i showed him, trying to blind me with whole lot of tech babble.
    I had the impressin he came with the intention to dismiss any probs with the set before he got to my house, te reson for thisi suspect is i returned a phillips set to the shop just before i took it back and swapped it with the sony.

    I have also had a jvc from the same shop wichi bought around 3 years ago wich had been taken back for repair 3 timesin total, i suspect the guy who came to see the sony was sent to basicly save the store the money for gettint the set fixed by dissmissing ianything i said almost nefore i said it.

    I will be talking to the store soon but was wondrng what i can do to get them to at leat try and sort out the probs.

    I have a feeling that i won't get fara as it was probbaly the sho that "briefed" the "enguneer" before they sent him to my house.

    Any advice on what i can do would be very much appreciated.


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