Sony KP51HW40......convergence?


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Hi All,
This tv had a beautiful picture as of 2 weeks ago when
I turned it on and saw what seemed to be a covergence problem when
cold and it would slowly disapear as it warmed up, about 15 minutes.
Then as the convergence would align itself I would have this what seemed
to be great picture through a transparency of static noise of sorts.
The converg and static problem is on every input, vids 1-6.
This does not seemed to be an external cause. I'm hopefull that
some of the awsomely insightful people of this forum can help.
I'm a milwright/computer network tech and can solder with the best of them. I would like to keep this unit working if possible and yes I own
both plasma and an lcd, but I still enjoy this unit as well. I cleaned and maintained it inside and out when called for with help from posts on
this very site and I know that is why it has run without a hitch until now.
Pics attached for cold and hot conditions.
Last cleaned in JAN of this year. All replies appreciated.....:)


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Check it has support for UK models, usually projection sets have convergence values for each zoom, and input type (PAL, NTSC, etc) I know for my old CRT RP you needed to do at least run convergence calibration 8 times. More on a CRT front projector when you had component, BNC, inputs from a PC etc.

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