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my sony kpx2u came friday i thought wow what great picture quality ,but now watching it a couple of days films are great in quality of picture even fame academy had something great about it picture quality,lol but then sat nite watching premiership [football program] when the highlights were on the players are obviously small and running around the pitch fast it seems as the tv cant handle it , the players seem as though there is alot of static over them there just a blur not all the time but im feeling gutted the tv cant handle small bright colours moving around the screen in diffrent positions i.e [the players] it really does look bad not just football my missus was watching emmerdale and if you followed there hair line you could see the same sort of thing when they were moving ther heads i have played with everthing on the tv to correct it but nothing works does any body though what im on about im goin to watch football tommorow if it is happen on the sky live game im sending it back p.s ihave owned a rptv for ten years never seen this happen on that tv.please help because i only have seve days to get a refund. cheers




I have watched loads of footie on my PX2 and find the picture to be great. My girlfriend watches Corination street and emerdale and she says the picture is great too. Mind we aint got sky, just terrestrial. Have you watched the footie through the normal aerial rather than sky to see if this stops the blurr etc



I know what you mean,i did find the footy to be a little different from other broadcasts.The px2 is my third RPTV,but my first with 100hz and widescreen,i put it down to that.It did take some getting used to ,but i only have a sky analogue going into it.I think with RPTV,it really depends on the source of the signal.If the signal isn't up to much,then every defect is highlighted due to the size of the screen.(eg..bad dvd transfers,bad dvd player,bad signal,interferance..etc.)
I did watch the Premiership last night aswell ,and i too found the picture not up to what it should be.Maybe a dodgy transmition?Saying that though,last nights Boxing was brilliant.
On a slightly different point,no one has really commented on how good this set looks.In my opinion,it is head and shoulders above anything else for looks alone.It spends a fair amount of time turned off,so it needs to pleasing on the eye.This was one of the main points that apealled to me above the competition...Tosh,samsung,Panasonic ..etc..


Well - I got my PX2 delivered last week.. This is my first RPTV and I mianly bought it for the football. Today was my first chance to watch footy on it and I was disappointed - I haven't got my sky connected via scart and I'm sure that should improve the picture - well I hope it does!!

The players could not be seen properly e.g. gilberto looked as if he didn't have a head for most of the match. It couldn't seem to handle the camera moving around so much and thus there was a loss of definition.

However I've heard a lot of people tell me that the cables you use will have a huge impact.

As this is my first RPTV - I don't know if this is a problem....


I've had enough!! - Even when I was watching the Barcelona match yesterday - it looked like a pirate film!!

Normal TV viewing, movies is pretty good. But if you like sport e.g. football & cricket - it just can't seem to handle. I don't know if its just my TV or 44px2u in general.

But i've been offered an exchange and I'm not sure what to do - I might just try and get a refund or get the 36fs76.

Are all RPTV's like this???


Sounds like a 'feature' of the 100Hz scanning. Can you turn it off on the Sony?? My Tosh 50WT29 does this a bit as well and offers 2 different 100Hz modes to try. Personally, I don't watch any footie so it's not a problem for me. Plants growing is about as action-packed as most of my viewing gets ;)

I get the impression that a 100Hz set of almost any brand is going to have trouble with high-speed horizontal movements until the 100Hz processing gets a bit better. No reason why an RPTV is going to be any worse than a 'normal' CRT in this regard. Other issues are going to arrise with any digital transmission format. Depending upon the data rate allocated for a given boradcast, you can get some pretty nasty MPEG artefacts on footie (as well as some other sports, or any program that has a lot of detail and movement). There is also the question of if the matierial has been standards converted as well - just makes it worse.

When I got my 50" Tosh the other week, I wondered what on earth I had done at first. After moving the furniture about a bit and getting a few more feet away from it, I am now happy with the compromise. The bigger the picture, the more defects in the source material you are going to spot.

Had the chance to do some serious testing on a 42" JVC plasma recently. Not impressed to be honest. Better than the RPTV in many ways for sure, but given the price, not such a good compromise IMHO.

Sorry - I'm rambling again.......

....I'll get me coat......


I've managed to narrow the problem down - I think!

i've been told its the sky digibox - i've got a pretty old pace one and apparently it doesn't proccess the signal fast enough. so they told me to buy the new panasonic one

i dont know ..more cost!!

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