sony kp44px2u worth?


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ok guys just a quickie had this tv about 14 months now and all in all have been pretty pleased with it , BUT:clown::beer: a few days ago i seen something that bothered me and promptly went into the service menu to fix it and pressed the wrong combination of buttons , which promptly cleared all my settings back to virgin state, but thats not the worse i actually then wrote the virgin settings permanently into the nvm.:clown: :clown: :blush: :( :lesson: . Ok no problem just time and effort required to reconverge setup again .My point.. after 4 attempts from scratch i cannot get it as good as it was. Dont get me wrong it is perfectly watchable but as I am that much of a idiot to keep finding fault with the tv in the first place i will always find something wrong with it . So my choices are i think

1.. see if i can find a pro to do it properly at a realistic price.

2.. sell it cheaply or exchange it for a smaller crt i cant f*& up.

3 give it the kids for there bedroom if I can get it up the stairs.

Put yourself in my place.. What would you do..???:rolleyes: ;)


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keep it and find someone it fix it 40-80 more than £80 would be too much for just seting up try a sony repair shops for prices
if not sell for £500-900 but be cheaper to fix it!:cool:


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Well err one reply from 44 views come on lads must be worth a suggestion, even though it looks like its going in the ft/ fs threads at £500 just to keep the missus happy :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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Advertise it and see if you can seel it. In the meantime find out if someone can fix for a reasonable price. One way or another, your still getting some thing out of it.

Rear pro TV's price has dropped considerably over the years, so you can always look for another one :)
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