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Sony KP44DX2U vs DX2 vs PX2U ?? -fix or replace?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by fourtears, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. fourtears

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    Apr 18, 2004
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    Anyone know what the difference is. Is it just that the DX2U has 3 scart's vs the 2 on the DX2?

    I ask because I have been delivered a DX2 rather than a DX2U buy Comet. The set I was delivered also has some faults. They are offering me a full refund, or to repair the DX2. Apparently they have no DX2Us in stock or due any time soon.

    Also, if anyone knows about servicing these sets, maybe you can tell me how easy the two faults are likely to be to fix.

    1) At the botton of the screen, a few inches from the right, there is a 1cm diameter black circle which appears to be 'dead'. Almost like there is a sticker on the mirror.

    2) The digital tuner won't search for any channels. It does not even give me a message saying it is looking, just tells me it has not stored any when I change to digital mode. I know that there is a good digital signal in my area.

    As a final note, in case the antenna system in my block of flats really can't get digital, is the PX2U identical to the DX2U but just without the digital tuner?
  2. damtom1


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    The first problem may be a sticker from one of the interior components that has come off due to heat.If it is a neat circle,rather than a cluster of dead pixels.It may have come loose and landed on the one of the light guns.
    The lower back of the set comes away,it is only screwed on,this then reveals the surface of the guns.And you can access the mirror or screen,for cleaning etc...

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