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Well, my Tosh RPTV decided to give up the ghost this week. After having an engineer state the problem with the set was the powerboard, a new powerboard was fitted and the problem....was still there. At any rate, the Tosh has gone and now Im looking for a new RPTV which is where I hope you guys can help me out.

I've spotted the Sony KP44DX2 and due to staff discount goodness, I can get my hands on a brand new one for £1200. Thing is, there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of press reviews on the TV (other than someone mentioning Home Cinema Choice liked it a lot). I don't want to end up getting stung so does anyone here have the set and more importantly, is it any good?

For instance, does it suffer from any glaring faults or hum (a problem I encountered with a lot of Sony sets the last time I was on the dreaded TV hunt)?



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Get the current HCC for a review. They gave it 5 stars, a best buy and said it was one of the best rptv's they'd ever seen. Aside from a great digital tuner, it's pretty lean on features and only has 2 scart sockets.

There will be no buzzing - Sony rptv's aren't afflicted in the same way. Compared to the tosh's, the Sony screen is quite reflective.

If you don't need a digital tuner, I'd say the KP44PS2 is a hell of a lot more tv for a lot less money.


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Well, I finally bought a KP44DX2 and can say I am this: not a happy chappy. The convergence on it is truly disgraceful (the blue gun is out a good cm) and no amount of auto convergence will fix it.

I plan to get an engineer out but I've heard this model does not have service level convergence so how would an engineer fix such a problem if this is true?


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Sorry to hear of your problems. I must admit I saw a Sony rptv in comet some time ago and under the shop lights it seemed the only set to have a decent picture and contrast/brightness. Didn't study it enough to see what the geometry was like but the convergence seemed fine. Perhaps yours was badly knocked during the delivery process.


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Considering I'd only had the set a day (purchased from Makro), I returned the set to them so an engineer never came out. Suffice to say, my lack of confidence in auto convergence option was confirmed.

The set did seem to have a cracking picture though besides that fault. Shame really as all the TV needs is service convergence and it would be a true corker.

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