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    Hi all, I purchased a kp 41ds1 in July, and I have had a few picture quality probs. I have used various test dvds to display these probs, mainly being focus and convergence problems around the outer edges of the picture. (not uniform I must add)

    After several visits from Mastercare (yes I bought it from Currys) they are trying to fob me off with the saying 'you are too close to the unit' and 'this is typical for a set like this', but I cannot believe this is the case as specified within Sony's documentation 2.1 metres is the optimum viewing distance !

    I sit approx 2.5 metres from my set, if I stand in the garden (4 metres) and watch the set through my window the focus and convergence issues are more noticeable.

    Upon opening the set (with a mastercare engineer) I was suprised to notice, within the CRT guns, what looks like a 'small dead fly' on the inside of the gun after removing the lens, any ideas ??

    I am contacting currys to get the set exchanged for another unit Is anyone aware of any necessary firmware/software 'updates' etc I may require bearing in mind I play region 1 and 2 dvds through both RGB scart and S-video, Pace Sky digital.

    I would appreciate any info, advice with regards to this set, and any experience sharing would be great.

    Finally currys have agrred the set is faulty after 2 visits from mastercare and a local sony dealer, Currys have contacted me to inform me the set will have to be bought into the workshop to be repaired ??

    I am starting to regret buying from currys !!! :(:)confused:

    I could be without the set for up to 4 weeks :mad: all part of the company policy !

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