Sony Kp-44PS2u


Big fellow

Recently purchased this set due to outstanding reviews. has been a big disapointment convergance has been appalling especially blues. Auto convergance proved to be useless. The same was changed for new set that is even worse.
whatching football on all channels digital or terrestial is appalling bad convergance colour bleed vertical lines. convergance is allso poor on dvd.
have spent last two days looking for an alternative choice of tv It seems like the 36inch crt tvs give a much clearer picture when whatching football. all I can assume is that when these reviews are done some one is on a back hander or their eyesight is bad.
because the sonys I have had fall well shot of their reviews
allso the paint is flaking off the remote controls on the 1st set and has allready started coming off the second set, but according to sony this is not a problem that has been reported. so am I the
only person in the uk who has had 2 sets not set up properly & also 2remotes that are spray painted with paint that appears to flake off
any ideas? Iam baffled
I have to say my experience of this set was exactly the same. Having madee up my mind to buy a Toshiba 50" my wife insisted the KP44ps2 looked better. I found colour rendition poor and focus on the left side of the screen was diabolical. When trying to adjust convergence using the spot grid it was difficult to make out the individual spots. Anyway I went back and tomorrow I'm having a Toshiba 50WT29B delivered :)
thanks for reply nickh how was you able to manually ajust set?
Iam referring to convergance problems:confused:Becuase mine
only had auto convergance unless you accsessed engineers menu
Is convergence your only problem ?

I have this set and am very pleased with it. Convergence can be manually corrected or done by an engineer. I find the picture quality especially on DVDs to be superb - you do get some minor fizzing / hazing but I think thats mainly due to the size of the screen !

I do agree with you about the RCs though - the poaint started peeling off mine after 2 weeks - its that strange silver coating.

BTW I have never met anyone who has a perfect TV - I went through the FQ75 / DX100 nightmares.
Big fellow, I was using the service munu as auto convergence was useless.

Pi3141, my last tv was a Sony Kp41s4 which I had for 3 years and once the convergence was set properly in the sevice munu the picture was IMHO excellent and there was certainly no areas of poor focus, on the kp44ps2 the focus on the left side was so bad that it was difficult to read the teletext and while I have no doubt that there are some good examples of this tv about, the one I had wasn't one of them:(

Sony need to improve their quality control.
I too have had this problem on

Sony TV - X3
Sony DVD - X2
Sony Music centre - X1

And so have a lot of my friends, especially with the black remotes with the wight writing.

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