Sony KP-44PS2 "interference" on AV inputs

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Joti, Nov 8, 2004.

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    Hope someone call help me!

    I have a Sony KP-44PS2 (just upgraded from a KP-41DS1) and the problem I have is on AV1 and AV3 inputs.

    Though I am happy with the overall picture quality, there is a very subtle (more noticeable on a black screen) "panning" of vertical bars going from left to right on the AV1 and AV3 inputs. AV2 is fine.

    The panning only occurs when the source units are operational (i.e a PS2 on AV1 and a Sky Digibox on AV3) - my initial thoughts are that it is interference from the other plethora of spaghetti behind the TV, although I never had this problem on the KP-41DS1 and everything is in the same position it was.........

    Can anyone suggest what it may be??? If it is the leads being susceptible to interference, can anyone suggest a good manufacturer of shielded cables?????

    Thanks a lot :thumbsup:

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