Sony KLW9000 Rear Projection TV - Connect to a Laptop


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Hi all
I apolagise if im posting in the wrong section as all the new guys say. i cant workout how to connect my laptop via VGA out to this monitor i know the monitor should be able to connect to it because it was designed to be a conference room projector to show case power point presentations etc i have included pics of all the ports on the unit. thanks in advance for anyone that knows the answer :D


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In those photos I see no input other than those for "normal" (i.e. TV-style) video in its various forms; none of which will be compatible with the output of a VGA port on a computer. You can get adaptors which convert VGA to a "normal" video signal but they aren't simple cables - there is an actual signal conversion. Or a PC/laptop with, say, an S-Video output built in. In any event it's only ever going to be regular analogue TV definition - up to 720 x 576.


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thanks for the reply mate its not really worth me trying to connect it all cos the picture quality isnt going to be great the only other idea i have is rather then getting a vga cable of some sort could i maybe connect my laptop to it through my PS3 somehow btw my laptop only has vga output no s video out unfortunately thanks for ur reply.

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