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Sony KLVL32M1 connections

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by Shamoon, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. Shamoon

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    Aug 31, 2003
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    Wallington, Surrey
    I'm currently waiting for a black version of this Sony LCD. In the meantime I want to run the cables in the wall as the screen is going to be wall mounted. The screen will be connected to Sky+, Panasonic VCR and Sony RDR-GX300 DVD recorder. I want to connect the Sky+ and VCR via SCART and the DVD via component. This is a secondary system so it will not be connected to a surround sound system. I understand that the picture will go through the component but not the sound. I thought I could use a pair of phono cables to connect the DVD to the screen and that this would allow me to watch and listen to DVD. However I was told by the manager of a reputable home cinema shop that this would not work as the audio connections on the screen only allow you to connect it to an amp.

    My question therefore is, how do I get DVD sound from the screen if I want to use the component connections for vision?

    Also, does anyone know where I can get detailed diagrams of the wall bracket so I can see where it will fit on the wall?

    Thanks in advance.

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