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Sony KLVL23M1 23' LCD TV Opinions?!



Hi all
I'm a newb, but I wont bore you with the usual "What should I buy" Questions. I have already bought the Sony KLVL23M1 23' LCD TV in silver...shoudl have it delivered tomorrow!!
I have just joined the digital age, having spent the last seven years saddled with a naff Grundig 19" CRT tv and equally rubbish VCR. I didnt want a large tv, as I havent got the room, so the 23" will be perfect for my needs.

Anyway. Being new to all this, I cant find a single genuinely independant review on this product anywhere!! Does anyone own this item on these boards or offer a more experienced view on this TV? I mean, its got the WEGA engine and virtual surround sound, so it has to be a massive improvement on my grundig abomination. I gather it must be a pretty good TV as its a Sony and a lot of places have had trouble getting stock...but I just want to make sure I havent bought a "Duffer"?

To go with it I bought the Sony GXD500 DVD Multiregion Recorder. Is this also a good piece of kit or not? Both were bought online a lot cheaper than retail. (TV cost £750 and the DVD £295 delivered).

Any advice / opinions / reviews welcomed and thanks in advance!!!

Roger Matthews

Active Member
I too would welcome comments on this system, which seems a very good spec and stands out when you see it in TV retailers (even against othet Sony TVs)


Well-known Member
Hi Stendec

I have had one of these for a week but due to a fault in the screen I am returning it.
I won't be getting another as it is for my bedroom and I have found it a little too bright and overpowering compared to my little 15" portable. Like you this was my first venture into LCD technology and must admit to being initially dissapointed.
However LCD takes a bit of getting used too and you soon begin to appreiate the benefits. My first gripe was that you cannot get the same sort of black that you would get on a CRT but since all LCD's are afflicted the Sony could not be blamed for this. This was all the more significant in my case as I was watching it in a dark bedroom and that is when the lighter blacks become more apparent. I think in your case since it would appear that you are using it as your main TV this will not be so noticeable. After turning it on for the first time my initial reaction was 'What have I done?' but give it a minute to warm up. My incredibly sensitive ears could also make out a slight humm but again, give it a couple of minutes. The initial 'Live' picture setting is a bit shocking and I found the 'Movie' setting a little less alarming. Since my normal TV source is via coax and a signal booster the reception is not great and although a still picture was pretty amazing concidering the reception, there were problems with movement. If you have Sky or Freeview, I don't think you will be affected, certainly when I watched Spiderman II on the DVD it came into its own. I have a Philips Pixel Plus TV in the living room and in my eyes, this blows it away without ruining the picture as pixel plus does. The menu is very easy to use like all Sony's and I would suggest that you go straight into the personal setting and play for a while. My advice would be to make small changes and watch a few different channels before making any other changes. Also don't be frightened to turn off the DNR and Dynamic picture control as in my case this had benefits. Again try them on different channels and don't change them back at the first sign of trouble until you are sure that they are beneficial. All in all this is a pretty good TV and if it weren't for the brightness keeping me awake at night I would get another.
Compared to my Philips I would take the Sony any day. Since having the Philips I'd forgotten how beautiful a picture could be. I can't really comment on the sound as I've never turned it up above a whisper.
Hope this helps, I know what a problem it is finding a review of this TV. I had to buy it blind. Good luck and don't panic(Unless you hate it, of course).
If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.


Standard Member
Hello Stendec

I have the 32" version of this TV and I love it. True there are aspects of lcd's that take a while to get used to like slight strange blurring of moving grass but on the whole I love my new TV of two months.
I read so much about weak blacks and compared to my old sony 21" black triniton it is noticable (slightly), but I have to say I cant get enough of it. Even the remote has a great feel to the solid press of the buttons.
The sound is great too especially with virtual dolby on.
It looks fantastic as you walk into the front room (It looks much bigger at home).My friends love it, I love it and you will love it.
I think everyone has grumbles about all new kit, but when you get used to it and put a film on your dvd its the badgers nadgers.

As for treefrog if the light blacks keep you awake, try turning the set off!
It may help you sleep.


Woo-Hoo!!!! Thanks guys.

My Sony arrived today and it was so easy to set up! I played around with contrast etc and actually found the brighter "Live" setting more beneficial in my front room and just tweaked the "personal" option to a slight bit darker than the live.
The Virtual Dolby surround works well in my front room. Watching a DVD I thought a number of times "Whos banging upstairs" and then realised it was the TV speakers. Excellent!!
I have no screen or connection problems. Simple scart leads and Coax for me. No problems.
Although its not a big TV its much bigger and better than my previous one...and a thousand times improvement!!!
I like the cool freeze frame gadget on the TV. I'm sure I can annoy the missus with this in no time :)

All in all, sound and picture quality is great...I didnt notice the "Black Contrast" problem as much as I was expecting? Then again...I'm by no means an expert on LCDs...All I can say is that to me the blacks look very black indeed. Cant say as I've noticed too much in the way of blurring either!
Brilliant TV in my view.

Now...the DVD Recorder should arrive tomorrow...hope that's just as good!

Roger Matthews

Active Member
I went down to Currys tonight and saw this TV. It was simply dreadful, shadows, noise, grotty colours etc! I cannot beleive that this was the set! What do people who have got one think - is it great, or good, or adequate or grotty. Please advise.



Staff member
Roger Matthews said:
...Currys....simply dreadful, shadows, noise, grotty colours etc
...and you believe this is the fault of

a) the TV
b) Curry's?

Mad Jack

Active Member
Roger Matthews said:
I went down to Currys tonight and saw this TV. It was simply dreadful, shadows, noise, grotty colours etc! I cannot beleive that this was the set!
A similar thing happened to me a couple of months ago.. When I originally saw the 32" version of this TV in Comet, I thought it looked great. But when I went back for a second look (a couple of weeks later) it didn't look good at all! It was suffering from ghosting and a crawly kind of interference. Anyway, when no one was looking, the SCART lead magically jumped from one socket to another and both problems disappeared.. Guess since my first viewing someone must have disconnected and then reconnected the set, but to the non-RGB capable SCART socket (Ext1, if my memory serves me right.)

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