Sony KLV-V40A10 any online review???




if you're referring to online magazine reviews, not sure if there are any up yet. On the other hand, in print, What HiFi has consistently given the Bravia V 40" 5 stars and called it "the best LCD we've ever seen". They reviewed the screen about 3 - 4 months ago, and then again in the April issue of the magazine.

Also, there's a VERY large thread on the V-series in this forum - for me, end-users' experience is worth far more than the opinion of a potentially biased magazine, especially when MANY end-users say the same thing (that they love the set).

Also, CNet has a review of the 32" V here:,39037585,39095329p,00.htm

Here's an excerpt: Displayed images were unusually sharp with rich and vibrant colors on the whole. The colosseum showdown between Maximus and Commodus in Gladiator came alive with deep red roses, true-to-live skin tones and good shadow details. We could even make out the perspiration on Russell Crowe's battered face during one of the many close-up shots in the highly charged clip.

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