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Sony KLV-s32a10 humming sound


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First post here!

I've bought a KLV-s32a10 and noticed a slight humming sound from the speakers, noticable only when sound is near the minimum level, and at night only (no background noise)

If I mute the sound, the humming goes away!

IS it normal, or a fault?




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Hi again!

Noticed on other detail: if I set backligh to leve 6 (in custom image quality) the sound disappears.

it goes away too if you select standard quality imagen. if you set it to vivid it appears....

Anyone with this same issue?

I've been told this is a common issue due to transformers used in this kind of panels....

Just need to check with you, Bravia S and V series users....

Can you please check it and give your opinion here?

Best regards,



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Noone with opinions?
How about the users who bought V series? Can you please test it? I just want to tell you this humming is very faint, the room must be completely silent to be noticable.... Daytime use, with traffic bacground noise, or just a pc working in the same room and its fan noise is sufficient to make the humming noise unnoticable!

Please, help!




Hi Ricardo,

I just got the sony s32, and checked it for a humming sound but nothing at all. So I fear it might be a problem with your tv.


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I've had a problem with my 40 V series yesterday were i have tried to increase the volume after turing the tv on and it has jumped straight to maximum volume, i turned off the set put it back on and it did the same again, it hasn't done it since though.

I checked for your possible fault but i dont appear to have it.

I think there are some quailty control issues on these sets as i've already had it serviced by a couple of sony technicians due to a fault on the freeview that was caused by a loose internal cable.


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rmarinheira said:
If I mute the sound, the humming goes away!
If the humming/buzzing definitely disappears when you mute the TV then it must be down to the speakers rather than usual transformer noise that a lot of LCDs suffer especially when adjusting the backlight. I would suggest this is a fault and you should contact your retailer.

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