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Sony KLV-L23M1 or Toshiba 23WL46

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by iSix, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. iSix


    Products Owned:
    Products Wanted:
    Sony KLV-L23M1
    Toshiba 23WL46

    I've narrowed my choice down to these two for the bedroom, but can't decide which to get.
    I've seen the Sony one in use (off a crappy signal though) and it looked ok, I can't find anywhere locally that stocks the Tosh so I can't go and look at one in action :(

    If anyone has either of these, your opinions of them would be very useful, Anyone who dosen't have either of these, throw in your suggestions/comments anyway. :)

    I'll be connecting it to a Sony vtx-d800u STB (RGB - scart) and a Sony dvp-ns430 dvd player (RGB - scart).
    I'll *possibly* want to hook it up to my pc for dvix video and a bit of web browsing (VGA - 15 pin d-sub, s-video or composite).

    This is my first lcd tv purchase for so any advice is appreciated :)

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