Sony KLV-23M1: need some help with connections before possibly buying


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Hi all,

The 23M1 looks to be almost just right for me however as well as connecting a PS2(via component) i also need to connect a media center pc with DVI,VGA and Svideo outputs on its graphics card.

Im pretty much against useing the svideo as i know thats not going to get me the picture quality im after, and the 23M1 doesn't have VGA in so thats that out of the question to. However it would apear that it does have a HDMI port and it would also apear that you can get a converter cable to go from DVI to HDMI. Am i right in thinking that if i used such a cable i would get the best quality picture possable from the PC to the TV,surely it cant be that simple.. can it ?


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Never mind seems the KLV-23M1 dont have HDMI after all from what ive read elseware,Dealtime need to change their info.

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