Sony KF42SX300U??


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Mar 1, 2004
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Hey guys, this is my first post. I've been scanning this forum for a week or so now and I must say it's a brilliant resource for TV related info!

I have a question regarding a Sony LCD RPTV model no. KF42SX300U. This TV is supposedly the replacement for the discontinued KF42SX200.

Thing is, I can't find anyone in the UK selling it appart from these guys below. Does anyone have anything to say regarding the TV or these guys as online retailers?

I'm confused as to why there is no mention of this model anywhere on the web. It's not even mentioned on the Sony UK web site.
no component (so no progressive scan) saw the first 50" version of this set before plasma broke and it was the best RPTV i'd ever seen but cost £6500!!
I personally would stick to the uglier but better (and cheaper) Toshibas if you want RPTV.
Thing is, I play a lot of console games. With CRT RPTVs the burn in is the reason why I can't go for one of them.

I am under the impression this LCD RPTV suffers from no burn in (being LCD and all) and I can't really push my budget to get a Sharp Aquos 37" which I love.

I figure this model (due in May according to Home Cinema Heaven) is the best solution.
they have the 50" one here

has bobbypunk says it has no component imput however unlike the 200U it replaces it has got a pc input so I wwould have thought you could run a prog scan signal in through that
Have read on USA forums that there is a problem with the bulb burning out for what ever reasons, do not know if this applies to UK stock
Does anybody know the expected life of the bulbs and the cost to replace when they do blow
I also agree how it is strange that there are no reviews of these TV`S on this forum, or maybe there is a reason.
Done some research myself on this model, and it is new to UK from May this year. I, too have read the reviews concerning the lamp failure (apparently 1 failed after 5 hours total use!!!).
Even so, the reviews all seem to point to an excellent plasma alternative as far as picture quality is concerned.
I am considering one of these suckers myself!
I have a friend in the US just bought this TV. Apparently the bulb issue is only preesent in 2003 built TVs and was sorted out on all 2004 builds.

I assume given the delay in a European release things would be sorted. Only time will tell.

I'm looking at a Loewe Nemos 32" now given that I am moving house and May seems like a long time to wait with a crummy 15" Sony.

If this RPTV was released sooner I'd probably snap it up.
The burning question is, "Does anybody on this forum own any of the Sony KF 42SX200 or know anybody who does and how they rate them.
Would still like to know bulb life and cost.
KF 42SX200 without stand £2499 at Comet, (4 left)
On offer in March at Makro £1999 +vat with stand (stand may be different)
WASER quite agree,
All I want to know is that the picture quality that I have seen in all of the promo`s is not backed up by anybody who have purchased this technoligy and have lived with it for "X" amount of time.
Who is going to buy if no one on this forum recommend it, as in that is what we are all here for.
mmrb, we're on the same page.

I know my friend in the US loves it for what it's worth.

Usual LCD problems remain ofcourse. It came with a few dead pixels. Although they aren't noticeable at viewing distance. I'm hoping the new 300 range will get some demo space at least in Sony Centres.

I have this nagging feeling there is a reason why not many people have bought these RP LCDs.
It's been a little while but things seem to be picking up as we near the release of the LCD RPTV KF42SX300U.

£1569.00 :thumbsup:

Seems like a bargain for a 42 inch TV. Now all I need are some reviews.

I asked a friend in the US regarding the life span of the bulb and he said he's been told approx 4 - 5 years. Which is pretty decent. Replacment bulbs should come in at approx $300 so say roughly £200. But by that time large LCDs at affordable prices shouldn't be too hard to come by.

Any thoughts?

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