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sony kep42m1/ playstation 2


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Im new to plasmas, but read the posts and you seem the blokes who can help me. i have a kep42m1 which is not that respected by you lot, so i hope you dont laugh at me. The problem is when i connect my ps2 to it by scart it looks good apart from it seems to struggle around the edges ie. it's very grainy is it the way its connected or the fact the panel needs running in or something else
thanks in advance !!


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You say it's connected via SCART, is it connected via RGB or composite? Are you using the SCART that shipped with the PS2, i.e. yellow, red, white RCA connectors that connect to SCART via an adaptor block? If you're using composite (the cable that comes with PS2 as standard) then I am afraid the results will look very poor. You will be much better off investing in a full RGB cable for your PS2 or better yet a component cable.

Apologies if you're already using a full RGB cable. Remember DVD's will play green unless you have some sort of mod or DVD Region X type device.



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I got mine from Electronic Boutiques (as was long ago, I think they're now called Game) for about £7 squids. That was a long time ago mind as I originally bought it for my PSX (aka PSOne). Any gaming shop should stock them, might even be worth a look in somewhere like HMV, Our Price etc or anywhere that sells games consoles.

*EDIT* If you look at the following PS2 site you can see all the different types of PS2 video cable near the bottom:


e.g. In order of picture quality, worst to best:
- RFU adaptor cable,
- AV cable (composite),
- S-Video cable,
- Euro-AV cable (RGB SCART)
- Component AV cable.

There is also an AV Adaptor that can provide composite or S-Video out and also provides separate stereo audio breakout. The Sony OEM products are relatively expensive but 3rd party products such as those by Blaze (mine is a Blaze cable) are fairly cheap.




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I've got a blaze rgb scart socket with the switch for game /dvd and its plugged into av1 which is rgb compatable. It works well on my portable the panel is 800 odd by 480 does that affect it? i've heard consoles dont handle enlarged images as well

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