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Hi friends,
This my first post. Hope to make many more.
I am interested in purchasing the SONY KE-42TS2 Plasma tv. My questions are.....

1. Has anyone had any experience with them?
2. Are they good plasmas?
3. Are they troublesome?
4. What kind of problems did you have?
5. Is it worth the money? +-Euro 4000,-
6. How are they compared to other makes and models?
7. General opinions

Much appreciated:hiya:


nic little set. i have had one in the store i work for 6months no problems at all. sold 40 odd sets from my shop alone not hd one back or any complaints bout them. work at a sony centre.


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Welcome to the forum EHZAZ :hiya:

I looked at this model too when I was looking into buying. One of the things that put me off was the shape of it.

I knew I wanted to wall mount the plasma, and I know brackets are available for the Sony, but it has a rounded back which would have projected the display a good couple of inches more than a conventional design.

However, it still looks good and as a plasma, which is perhaps designed to replace a normal CRT telly as opposed to a home cinema display, I am sure it has it's market.

I believed there were better performing displays for the money even though the rest of my kit and my heart, at the time, wanted purely Sony!

Try a search for the screen for more info.

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