Sony KDS55A2000 on PMS pep scaler


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I just bought a Sony rptv of the above mentioned type.
The tv gets it's signal from my PMS pep1000 via HDMI.
All is well if I select the 1080P resolution in the pep, but this is 60Hz, as I live in PAL territory I should be able to give a 50Hz refresh, but this results in the Sony saying that the input signal is not present.
If I read the manual correct the Sony should support the 1080P 50Hz via HDMI, or am I wrong?
If I am right, and I think I am, I need custom settings for my PMS pep, is there anybody out there who has had the same problems and won?
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supported PC res's are 60Hz in the main (including 1920x1080)
Given that it can accept a 48Hz signal I'd be very surprised if it couldn't accept 50Hz. (It accepts 1080i/50 too). Bear in mind that "PC" in the manual means "VGA". HDMI capabilities are different.


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Thank you all for the input received, but I do have to report that it didn't work.
But all the work has been waisted because the Sony decided to show it's ugly side, yes it became greenish in the righthand upper corner on certain picture information, like skies and certain shades of grey and whites.

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