Sony KDS-55A2000U


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was 100% about to order one of these due to the glowing reviews on this forum but i have just been to comet and wasnt that impressed:(

ive heard that rear projectors suffer if ur not viewing it directly in front but i was surprised how bad it was, the display section was fairy dark and there were no windows whics worries me even more as my living room is very well lit etc, is this normal as i have 3 couches in my romm and am unable to put them one behind each other;)

i know people say that viewing tvs in shops dont do them justice but i was a little dissapointed by the picture. it was next to a med priced 50" 720p samsung plasma and i must say the sd sky football looked much sharber on this. im assuming all sets must be on the standard presets but can the sony be tuned to the plasmas performance

dam the trip to comet has screwed up my plans

and i dont want to upset rear projector lovers as well by the way


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I saw the TV running a ps3 game in makro and it looked great. Viewing angles were better than a lcd also. Go to whatever specilist shops you have locally that stock it, and try to see it fed a good source properly set up.


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cheers for the reply

nearest sony shop is 40 miles away:eek: wat do people think is the viewing angle a problem as its teh only thing holding me back:lease:


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Viewing angle has not been a problem for us, but depends on your expectations. Sony state a viewing angle of 130 degrees total

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