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Sony KDLV32A12U vs Panasonic TX32LXD500 - Which is the better package?

A P Murnaghan

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I'm new to LCD and I'm looking for a high quality 32" LCD, HD ready TV. I have read lots of reviews, but views seem to vary on the quality of these sets.... is picture quality really that bad on the Sony? What makes the Panasonic "streets ahead"?

I been a Sony fan for years and have had truely great CRT TVs from them ... will I be really dissappointed with the KDLV32A12U? A couple of shops I have visited say the Panasonic is just better.

Any views would be welcome.


After reading so many threads saying the Panny 500 is much better than the Sony V32, I have been a little put off buying the Sony. But I still have ordered the Sony V32 for £1300 because I couldn’t really find the Panasonic 500 anywhere for a good price.

I went to the TV section in JL to check out the talent yesterday again. The guy in the store rated the Panasonic higher, but said the Sony was up there too. I prefer the physical look of the Sony instead of the silver strip of the Pany 500 at the bottom, so I am sticking to it. They didn’t have a Panasonic in store to compare it with, but in two weeks times they will have the LX60. Looking at the LCDs, there didn’t seem any LCD that is much better than the Sony (maybe Loewe Individual). You can end up keep waiting forever for the next best LCD to come out, and when that is out, another one announces they have a better one coming out in a few weeks.


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Heres my Panny in my front room for you to compare.


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I just bought a Panasonic TX23LXD50 and I have been very pleased with it. I did not want a dominating huge screen in my 16' x 12' living room as we can't get far enough away to see it properly. I certainly know that I will not be paying Sky for HD and installing yet 'another box'. 23” is just fine in my living room and gives a nice sense of involvement without being overpowering.
So far I have been really impressed with the ‘Viera’ colours they really are superb and the definition is able to render very detailed textures. It really is noticeably better than the Sony.
Most TV showrooms do not do their products any service. As a lot of TV uses archive material that is poor quality. You need to test the TV with a good signal and a good image like News 24 or a good quality Nature programme. The digital tuner is fast, sensitive and has all the functions I want.
The main criticism I have concerns the level of saturated black when you view the TV in low light conditions, whether this will improve with the New 60 series that is coming out is debateable. You don't notice it when viewing in daytime but dark scenes in a dark room reveal the black is in fact deep purple. Landscape and bright scenes look great and the contrast makes the black appear black. Having looked at ALL of the available LCD screens it is a common problem. They all glow with the same colour. (probably because the LCD screens are made by a common manufacturer) The black surround does not help as it provides a contrast comparison. Nevertheless I really wanted to avoid a ‘silver’ monster and a ‘high tech’ installation in my old cottage. This unit looks discrete.
The big surprise was the sound quality, which is great, the bass notes are astounding and my dog barks when something bangs or thumps!

I paid £550 for mine, UDIGIT.com online. Delivery excellent 2 days from placing the order, the rest of my budget went on a Topfield 5800 PVR. This amazing machine controls the ‘content’, which is in the end the most important component in any TV.

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