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Im looking at purchasing one of these sets after a viewing of the v-series and s-series in the sony store.

My main use will be for PC input and some hi-def games etc.

I just want to know what you guys think of the set, pros and cons.

Also is this to much TV for 95% use as a PC monitor, is spending over a grand for a PC screen a little over the top.

Your views please :) before my wife kills me.


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I've got the S32. Works great with an Xbox 360 via VGA. I have also tried my laptop and thats fine as well (easy to read text etc). One word of warning is that the maximum resolution via VGA is 1280x768 where as the panel is 1366 x 768. It means you end up with a couple of bars on either side if you run it at pixel x pixel (you can stretch it to full screen but thats hardly the point). I run with the bars and don't notice them anymore, however I feel that Sony owe me 86 pixels of native resolution. The XBox 360 looks fantastic.

I have not experimented with the HDMI port from a PC yet. If you read the forum, it seems others have had success at various resolutions.

Otherwise, I keep trying to spot ghosting etc and when ever I think I have I rewind and freeze the DVD/Sky+ only to realise it is the input source.

A lot of people on these forums go on about the vastly superiour V series. If I had my money again (and my wife let me have something other than a silver one) then I would possibly consider the V. However it's lack of VGA port certainly works against it, and a lot of posts on this forum seem to be asking how you turn of the additional £300 of image processing.

Would I buy one to use as a PC monitor 95% of the time. Sorry - not sure. However as an allrounder then its pretty good.

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