Sony KDL50W829B or kdl46w905


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Hi I'm after a bit of advice if I may.

Looking to get a new TV, was originally set on the Samsung ue46f8000
Though after getting over my initial giddiness of all the bells and whistles which I'd inevitably not use after 3 hours, I came across the 46" Sony kdl46w905.
This seemed perfect, but then today checked out the Stuff magazine website and saw their review for the 50" KDL50W829B, which is £99 less.
Now I'm really at a loss, any help or opinions to sway my decision would be greatly appreciated.


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Went through much the same process recently. I looked at the UE46F8000 (My brother has the UE46E8000) and then read so many good things about the KDL-46W905A. I did look at the KDL-50W829 as well and while it looks a good TV, I saw both the Sony sets showing some demo stuff at JL and the KDL-46W905A was a class apart, my mind was made up.
Only had it less than a week and still in the process of setting the thing up but it is everything I hoped it would be so far.

I think you couldn't really go wrong with any of the above but for me the KDL-46W905A is a winner, assuming you get one without too many uniformity issues as I seem to have done.




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Thanks for your reply, I took your advice and ended up getting the Sony and wow, just wow.

Would you be so kind as to share your calibration settings at all? I know it's a lot to ask,

many thanks


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Glad you are enjoying your new TV, I am a month in and I am still raving about mine.

Settings wise, I am still tinkering a bit although I have settled down from the initial frenzy.

I started with Steve Withers reviewers best settings as a base -

Sony KDL-40W905A Reviewer's Recommended Best Settings | AVForums

Take a look also at Insanity202's settings as they cover day and night viewing -

Sony kdl**w905A owners thread part 3 | Page 97 | AVForums

I did also play around with the Disney WOW calibration disk but this was making me tinker about too much and so I kind of ended up with settings somewhere between Steve Withers review settings and Insanity202's night settings. The room where my TV is tends not to get very bright, so I can get away with these settings on Cinema 1 for most occasions.

Not at home at the moment, so can't give you exactly what I have set at the moment but look at the above and it will give you a very good starting position.



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