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Sony KDL46W4500 or Panasonic Plasma?


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:hiya: Hi everyone,
I'm new to this forum so apologies if I'm asking stupid questions or have missed something on the FAQ.

I'm looking to by a 46" screen for my lounge. I've read that plasma is pretty much always better for night time viewing (this accounts for 95% of what I would use it for). I'm also told to go for Panasonic is buying plasma. However.....I really fancy the KDL46W4500, it gets great reviews. Is the 4500 picture as good for night viewing as I would get with the same sized plama TV?

Thanks all,
Sparkly :D


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I'll be watching a variety of things. I've got Sky+ but not Sky HD (although I hope to get it when they stop charging £10/month for the privilege)!

I have lots of normal DVD's that I would like to watch on a Blu-ray player capable of upscaling (I need to buy one of these too (Sony standalone?...PS3 even?). I would like to watch blu-ray movies too.

Few of the TV channels I will be watching will be HD (to begin with) but hopefully this wil change in the future.
Sparkly :)


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For the type of things you will be watching and use in a dark room I would take the panny plasma if i was in your position.

The sony is a good screen but won't look as good for tv and your dvds when upscaled. Would take the plasmas blacks as well over the sony, plus the better viewing angles.



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Panasonic 50PZ80 is a great panel. You wont be disappointed with it


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I am in pretty much the same situation, except I want a 40-42inch screen. Today I went to view the panasonic 42PZ80 and I was very impressed with the blacks and quality on movies. However, when I plugged my (aging) PS2 in which I still dearly love playing, and it just looked a mess. "Wobbly" (I cant think of another word for it" image, where I couldnt read the smaller text at all.

Although the store didnt have a sony 40W4500 in for me to test, I did try a new samsung 6 series and it was MUCH better. I did notice that the black levels on the samsung were just pathetic in comparison though. Another thing that worries me about the panasonics is screen burn too.

I would say from experience that if you are playing games on the panny from a non-HD source, go and try it first. You might be shocked. Myself, I am torn because I fell in love with the panny for movies, but I also love playing my PS2. I wish they would just bring CRTs back :(


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OP, definatley go have a look like spood did, and trust your eyes.

Make sure you take in a few films, try normal tv, and most importantly checkout the relevant owners threads on here for some settings, print them out and take them into the stores you go to and adjust the sets. 99 times out of 100 the tvs will be setup wrong and in silly dynamic mode, with brightness + contrast cranked up, which looks horrible.

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