Sony Kdl40u3000u


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Hi,sorry if already been asked but has anybody purchased the SONY KDL40U3000U set currently on offer at sainsburys(£599). Cant find much info of it off net and have been told by someone that the u series is a budget brand and is of low quality compared to other sony sets. thanks for any advice :thumbsup:


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I bought this TV from Sainsburys just a few days ago (I got the last one in stock within a 30 mile radius of where I live as they had sold out so quickly!).

I actually took a gamble as I had not actually seen this model in operation before buying it, but any worries I may have had were quickly blown away as soon as I got it home and setup. I love it!

The builtin freeview works very well, although some channels seem to be of lesser quality than others (presumably different levels of MPEG compression used). I also had it connected to my old Sky+ box via RGB scart for a few days and again, this looked very good even with it being SD.

I have a Playstation 3 (one of the driving factors for me upgrading to HD from my trusty old Sony 29" CRT) and soon as I connected this to the Sony Bravia via HDMI, I was 100% sold! Beautiful clarity and colour, excellent in games and stunning when playing blu-ray films (I rented Shooter and the new edition of Blade Runner from Blockbuster). My friends and I spent a while just pausing scenes in hi-def films and basking in the glory of HD :) DVDs also look very very good, although my PS3 does upscale these to HD so that probably helps, although I imagine the TV would still do very well on a normal DVD player.

Build quality, menu operation, picture and sound quality all very good. I was originally planning to wait a year or so and get a 1080P TV, but I'm very glad I bought this now. At £599 I don't believe you could get a better set for the money, and I'm sure it rivals more expensive TVs too.

If I can help with any specific queries, etc, don't hesitate to ask away.

My advice, buy one dude!


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thanks for the advice. i was also gonna save up and pay a little more for 1080p but then saw this set and am finding it hard to resist.


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Hehe, exactly what I was planning to do too but as you say, this is very hard to resist!

My thinking is that for £599 you can't really go wrong and then in 18 / 24 months time 1080P sets will be much cheaper, higher quality, etc, so I can think about moving to 1080P then.

Plus, it seems a majority of the games I see on the PS3 are made for 720P anyway, although I'm sure more and more will start to go 1080P eventually. Not sure if that's the same case with XBox 360 games...


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Good offer but also the better model KDL-40P3020(while its customer reviews are mixed) cost around the same.But they seem pretty similar exept the Bravia engine which can be found above the P3020(including this)


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I got one of these when Makro were doing it for £499+vat (£587) and I have to say its a great TV, much better than my old 32" Hitachi CRT.

and at that price you can't go wrong.

The only thing that I don't like is a can't get it to swap over to HDMI devices automatically. Which is more a lazyness factor than anything else.

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