Sony KDL40S2510U

I have been looking at exactly the same set and on the same site :)

Yes it does seem VERY cheap and too good a deal to be true. Im guessing that because the D3000 series are out that they have reduced the older models. I think the Sony KDL40S2510U was an entry level model hence the low price but id love to hear from any owners who have this set. Is it any good? I cant imagine being dissapointed as its on just over £600

Thanks in advance
I know they can't be making much money on these. It is the model above the entry level so the panel is decent.

I know it's not much help but I have the 26S and love it. I don't know how it would look at 40" though. I'd have thought it would be a hell of a lot better than any other 40" around that price though. I could be wrong.
I bought the 32 inch version, yesterday for our conservatory, i was originally looking at the d3000 or panasonic 32/700. I went in to our local shop in
Guernsey, they didn`t have a d3000, but next to the panasonic,they had a
kdl32s2510 running and i was very impressed. I thought the sony looked classy against the plasticy ( my view ) panasonic.
The wife really wanted a 26 inch for the room, so i thought i was in for a pasting when i took it home, but she was impressed with its look/build
quality. Hooked it up to sky + and my humax 2000 . We watch from about
10 ft away. To my eyes the picture on sd is as good as our old phillips
CRT, and simply stunning on bbc hd.We watched the england game, and my
wife said "Hansen needs a shave", i didn`t know the picture would be this clear. RESULT
The menus are very logical, didn`t need the manual at all.
We now need a 37/40 for our lounge, will probably be a sony now.It cost me
£530, and the shop wanted £850 for the Pannie.More expensive than on-line but living on an island it is a pain returning something if it goes wrong, better to deal locally on a large item.

Sounds promising, maybe I will pop down to currys/dixons and check it out. Never thought id see a 40" for such a great price from SONY. :thumbsup:

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